Matthew McConaughey Pleads With Fellow Texans To Keep Wearing Masks

by Madison Vanderberg
Noam Galai/Getty

Matthew McConaughey pleads with his fellow Texans to keep wearing masks despite Governor Abbott’s order

Matthew McConaughey, all-around chill dude, Austin resident, and potential future Texas governor, has taken it upon himself to step in and educate the good people of Texas about mask-wearing since their actual governor, Greg Abbott, seemingly doesn’t care about their health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. McConaughey is urging his fellow Texans to “keep masking up.”

Earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order lifting the mask mandate in Texas and increasing capacity of all businesses and facilities in the state to 100 percent. Everything’s open and masks aren’t required, because “freedom” or whatever. It made absolutely zero sense to pull the mask mandate, and in his very laidback diplomatic way, McConaughey tried to appeal to his community to keep wearing their masks.

“I was a little dumbfounded by the decision,” McConaughey told CBS This Morning. “I understand ‘Go back to work.’ What I did not understand was ‘Pull the mask mandate.’”

Then, McConaughey got right to the heart of it, he acknowledged that people are bumping at the idea of being told what to do, namely, that they have to wear a mask. McConaughey tried to appeal to his fellow Texan’s resistance to feeling as if their rights are being infringed on.

“Look, we’re on our way to see a light at the end of the tunnel,” he continued. “To put it, the mask is just this minor inconvenience. And I think I just want to remind, not only Texans, but everybody out there, it’s not the mask we’re afraid of, c’mon. It’s the word ‘Mandate.'”

McConaughey — who lives in Austin, Texas, a county where masks are still required despite the state mandate — says the masks help us regain “more freedom tomorrow.”

“So now it’s our choice. And I ask Texans and people around the world. If you have the choice, keep masking up,” he said. “It’s proven to help. We don’t have much longer in this, we’ll get through this. Thank you.”

Spoken like a true diplomat, which makes sense as McConaughey is considering running for Governor of Texas.

“As I’ve said before, I’m giving it consideration,” he said in the CBS interview. “I would be a fool not to. It’s a very honorable thing to consider, you know, what that position would mean, what would it be for me, and what would it mean for the people of Texas.”

Currently, McConaughey is organizing a virtual benefit concert to raise money “to help Texas recover from the winter storm.” The “We’re Texas” concert airs on Sunday, March 21st at 7pm CT.

He’s already doing a better job than the actual governor when it comes to personal protective measures amid the pandemic, so hell yeah, make Matthew McConaughey the Governor of Texas.