Max And Ruby’s Parents Will Finally Be Revealed

by Valerie Williams
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The internet’s theories on where the hell Max and Ruby’s parents have been will make you lol

For those of us who’ve watched Max and Ruby with our kids, there’s one important plot detail we’ve wondered about all along. Luckily, on January 2nd, the new season premieres and promises to answer that burning question…

Where the fuck are Max and Ruby’s parents?

Bunny siblings Max and Ruby live in the forest and up until now, we’ve been led to believe they were either orphans or home alone for incredibly inappropriate periods of time, because we never saw their parents. Aside from the odd visit by their grandmother, the rabbit kiddos functioned on their own with control freak big sister Ruby calling the shots and poor little brother Max just playing along. That’s all about to change with the new episodes starting next week.

The new season coming out is great and all, but the best part of this announcement is the internet’s musings about the adult supervision situation at casa de Max and Ruby. Us parents have had years to ruminate as our kids zoned out on the titular woodland creatures and their antics, and now, the theories abound.

Could be a case of serious bunny neglect, which is possible considering how many kids rabbits have. Max and Ruby’s parents had to let a few live on their own or be overrun, am I right?

Or maybe a convoluted family tree situation.

It can’t possibly be something so simple after all this time…or could it?

This was always my theory, personally. Max and Ruby — the original latchkey kids.

Orphans? OK, that’s way too heavy and gritty for a kid’s show. But sadly, plausible?

And this is downright chilling. Ruby just losing her shit, banishing herself and her brother to a life of bunny kid solitude in the forest. I have shivers.

The truth of Max and Ruby’s family drama is probably something simple enough for kids to digest, but it is fun to speculate wildly. Tune in on January 2nd so the mystery can be solved once and for all.

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