'Mayochup' Is Here And You'll Either Love It Or Hate It

by Thea Glassman
Image via Instagram/Michael Meyers

Mayochup is a combination of your two favorite condiments

You love mayonnaise. You love ketchup. But would you love the two of them mixed together? That is currently the question on the table now that Heinz might be releasing Mayochup, a hybrid of everyone’s favorite condiments. If you’re feeling excited, definitely go with it. If you’re feeling really skeptical, fair enough.

Here’s the deal. Mayochup is actually only sold in stores in the Middle East right now, but the folks at Heinz are testing the waters to see if their American customers would be into the idea. The company took to Twitter with a poll, writing: “Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans.”

So far, there’s a whopping 450,000+ votes in and three days left before polling closes. It’s hard to tell which way this election will swing, because the Twitterverse remains firmly on the fence about the whole thing.

Some people are really, really excited.

Some people have ZERO patience for it.

And some people are saying that this concept already exists. Apparently there’s something called fry sauce and it’s also mayo + ketchup. Go ahead and Google image that. It genuinely looks pretty delicious.

Hmmmm. Are we ready to see this on our grocer’s shelves, or nah?

For those of us still on the fence — please draw your attention immediately to pictures of Mayochup actually in use. Now, tell me which side of the aisle you’re on.

Want it. Need it. Now.

You have three days left to vote with your heart (or stomach?), and either make this concoction a reality or banish it far away forever. This will probably be the least stressful election you’ll ever take part in, so definitely, definitely soak all this delightful condiment whimsy in.