McDonald's Announces All Day Breakfast, Spreads Joy Throughout The Land

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

No one knew how much joy McMuffins brought to America until McDonald’s announced its all-day breakfast plans this week. In October, the fast food chain will be offering some staple breakfast menu items all day. People are really going nuts over this.

I get it: the ability roll up on a McDonald’s and order hash browns 24/7 would have altered my pregnancy mood, big time. I was stuck in a loop of craving the goodness, and not being able to get myself together to get out the door in time for that arbitrary 10:30 cut off point. Well, pregnant ladies, rejoice. You can now have hash browns dipped in a hot fudge sundae whenever you want. Not that I would ever want that or anything. It’s just an idea.

Not to say it’s just pregnant ladies that will be way into this news: social media is awash with those who are freaking out about the news that they’ll be able to happily munch on a McMuffin at 4 p.m. Or midnight. Or 10:35 a.m. You get the picture: the internet is losing its collective mind.

The problem is, the McMuffins, the pancakes, the hash browns: they’re beloved because you can only get them for a limited time every day. Do you think there would be such a fanfare over Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte if you could get it in May? Nope. You can’t get it in May. You can only get it in the Fall. Hence, you want it.

I hate to rain on everyone’s all-day breakfast joy-parade, but the same thing is going to happen with McDonald’s breakfast: it will be a cool idea for a while (and especially cool on October 6, when the company will be giving out free McMuffins to celebrate), but when everyone starts to realize that you can get a McMuffin all the time – it will lose it’s luster. Even the glorious hash browns won’t be as coveted.

The ability to get whatever you want whenever you want sounds great – but it’s actually kind of a bummer. Since I’m being a buzzkill, I may as well mention that one Sausage McMuffin with egg and an order of hash browns has 37 grams of fat: that’s 57% of your recommended daily allowance in one small meal.

Yikes. Rejoice, America.

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