McDonald's French Fry Boxes Have An Actual Purpose And The Internet Is Shook

by Julie Scagell
Image via Scott Olson/Getty Images

We were “today years old” when we figured out what this part of a McDonald’s french fry box is actually for

Everyone knows if you order McDonald’s fries “to go” the chances of you making it home with any fries left is zero. But if you like to dip those fries in ketchup, you can find yourself in quite the conundrum while also trying to operate a vehicle. Do you try to dip them individually into the little paper cups while also holding the steering wheel? Do you drive with your knees? Do you pump ketchup directly onto the fries before getting into your car like some sort of savage?

Luckily, Twitter is here to save us from ourselves.

Twitter user Today Years Old posted a serious game-changer in the condiment department, showing their followers a trick few have thought of before. “Did y’all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?”

This is some serious next-level info. Apparently those perforated edges were actually there for a reason — to make a little diving board-type platform for our ketchup. Obviously, people had a lot to say on the matter:

Of course, there has to be one that rains on everyone’s parade:

Whatever, lady. It’s a ketchup distributor.

Obviously, some folks set out to test the idea for themselves and reported back that their fry box didn’t come with perforated edges:

Most of us have probably not given much thought to the box the fries are contained in, because hello, fries are inside. But if this is true, it could save us and our cars/outfits/floor mats from a whole lot of cleaning. Plus, if you have kids, this may finally allow parents to pass back their fries with ketchup and not death stare them in the rearview mirror while threatening them with no more Fortnite time if they spill.

Regardless, this is perfect timing for some free advertising for McDonalds who announced they’re coming out with new Cheesy Bacon Fries on their menu nationwide, in addition to their fan favorite Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, also with bacon. “Bacon makes everything better, and the only thing better than bacon is McDonald’s adding it to three of its widely-loved Classic menu items,” they said.

Mmmm bacon. This is almost as good as finding out there’s now a safe space for our ketchup to hang out. And if it turns out this Twitter user is wrong, I’m pretty sure it won’t rule out folks eating fries and ketchup in their cars forever. Life always finds a way.