Megan Fox Lets Her Son Wear Dresses And Internet Trolls Can't Handle It

by Valerie Williams
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Commenters unleashed on Fox for letting her four-year-old son wear a dress

Another day, another reminder that small-minded, hateful people feel really threatened by toddler boys wearing dresses. Actress Megan Fox shared an adorable photo of her three sons recently and the oldest happened to be wearing a Frozen dress-up costume.

Here come the trolls, everyone.

On Monday, Fox shared a rare photo collage of her beautiful family including shots of sons Noah, 4, Bodhi, 3, and Journey, 11 months. We say rare because she has only ever shared pictures of her children a handful of times, which is a bummer, because holy cuteness.

In the four separate snaps, we see Fox herself, Bodhi holding a fun red mustache up to his sweet face, and baby Journey strapped in nice and close to dad Brian Austin Green. It’s Noah in his Elsa dress causing controversy in the comments because apparently, grown adults get extremely upset when a four-year-old boy wears a fun outfit.

This one person got the most worked up, responding to plenty of fans who defended Fox and her little boy.

And your opinion would be wrong.

Because heaven forbid, a child think it acceptable to do “girl things.” Anything but that.

Yes, the liberal agenda involves pushing Elsa dress-up outfits on boys, you’ve got us pegged, buddy. Such a sinister plan.

This escalated quickly. And the username sure is just a total shock.

Maybe because it is ok. SORRY TO BE HONEST, PAUL.

This is really blowing peoples’ minds, you guys.

Oh, I don’t know, an awesome and completely normal one?

And then there’s just flat-out crazy.

The idea of a bunch of mouth breathers trolling an actress’ Instagram to shame a preschool boy and his mom for his choice of outfit is repulsive. After reading this horrible garbage, it’s not hard to understand why Fox doesn’t share photos of her beautiful children very often.

Is this where we are now? Do people really unleash bile on small children for expressing themselves and exploring gender identity? For showing their love for a particular cartoon character or style of dress? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Fox’s son wearing an Elsa dress. Or any dress, for that matter. Of course, that doesn’t stop grown adults from feeling threatened by it. Even if Noah does want to wear dresses for the rest of his life, that’s perfectly great. But odds are, he’s just a little kid who loves a particular character and one day, he will stop. But if he doesn’t?

Who. The. Hell. Cares.

By all appearances, Fox is confident in her parenting choices and doesn’t let these terrible humans get her down. During a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview, Fox summed up her philosophy when it comes to her sons’ mode of dress.

“Noah wears dresses so there are no rules. You can be whatever you want to be in my house!”

Internet haters be damned.

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