Megan Fox Uses Instagram To Remind Us It’s None Of Our Business Who Her Baby’s Father Is

by Ashley Austrew

Megan Fox took speculation about her pregnancy head-on with this hilarious Instagram post

It’s 2016. Women can vote, drive, own companies, become president, and control their reproductive destinies, but apparently not everyone has gotten the memo because Megan Fox just went public with her third pregnancy and actually had to post an Instagram dismissing gross rumors and speculation about who the father of her baby could be.

On Monday night, Megan Fox showed up at CinemaCon to promote her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, rocking a tight-fitting dress that showed off an unexpected bump.

The actress is indeed pregnant with her third child, which she’s been very quiet about and which shouldn’t be a big deal — except for the fact that she filed for divorce from husband Brian Austin Green last summer, and tabloids are apparently baffled that she can still have sex even though she’s — gasp — not married.

All day Tuesday, media outlets were reporting on Fox’s pregnancy with gross headlines, like Metro‘s “Megan Fox Is Pregnant With Her Third Child, Despite Filing For Divorce.” PopSugar called her pregnancy “bizarre,” pointing out how weird it is that Megan could be pregnant without a husband. Publications even started naming people they thought might be the father, like Fox’s New Girl co-star Jake Johnson or Will Arnett, who appears with her in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

The speculation got so out control, Fox took to Instagram to clear the air with a hilarious photo collage. She posted pictures with each of her most recent costars and hashtagged the picture “not the father.”

It shows she’s got a great sense of humor about the whole thing, but seriously, why is this even a thing? Yes, Megan has two kids with Brian Austin Green, and yes, they’re divorced now. Maybe he’s the father, maybe it’s one of her other costars, maybe it’s someone we’ve never heard of — why is it any of our business?

This isn’t 1953, and we all know how sex and babies work. It’s not controversial for a single woman to have romantic relationships, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that one of those relationships could possibly result in a pregnancy. If it did? Big deal. This isn’t a scandal. It’s a grown woman with all the resources in the world deciding to have another baby. Maybe she got a sperm donor and is doing it all on her own, for all we know. It doesn’t concern us.

Celebrities might be out there in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean they owe the public an explanation for every move they make. Marriage isn’t a barrier to having sex or having kids, and Megan Fox shouldn’t be made to answer invasive questions about her personal life just because we’re nosy. If she wants to let people in on what’s going on, she will. Until then, let’s afford her the luxury of a private life and stop treating pregnant women like public property.