Meghan Markle And Prince Harry 'Proudly' Support PRIDE In New Instagram Post

by Thea Glassman
Samir Hussein/Getty/Instagram

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wrote a sweet, thoughtful message to kick off Pride Month

There’s a lot, a lot of reasons to love Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, including their commitment to mental health awareness, their spotlighting of worthy causes, and – on a much smaller scale – that lip bite he did when they were getting married. Here’s one more to add to your list. The two posted a beautiful message to help kick off Pride Month, along with some fantastic organizations that they suggest people support.

First off, the couple’s Instagram account only follows charities and social activist organizations, which is such a great way to put a spotlight on important causes.

“For the month of June we ‘proudly’ shine a light on PRIDE,” the two wrote in their post. “This month we pay tribute to the accounts supporting the LGBTQ+ community – those young and old, their families and friends, accounts that reflect on the past and are hopeful for a deservedly more inclusive future.”

There was a collage of images and links featuring organizations like The Trevor Project, the Human Rights Campaign, and Stonewall UK. The two also poignantly included a picture of Princess Diana sitting alongside a patient with AIDS.

“We stand with you and support you,” the couple concluded. “Because it’s very simple: love is love.”

Let’s go back to Princess Diana for a moment. It’s clear that both Prince Harry and Prince William inherited their fierce devotion to social activism from their mother. One of her most memorable, important moments came back in 1987 when the princess visited an AIDS patient and shook his hands without wearing gloves. That simple gesture broke down stigmas and debunked a totally untrue, damaging belief that the disease could be transmitted through casual touch.

“When that April, she shook the hand of a 32-year-old man with HIV, in front of the cameras, she knew exactly what she was doing,” Prince Harry said when he accepted the 2017 Attitude Legacy Award on behalf of his mother. “She was using her position as Princess of Wales — the most famous woman in the world — to challenge everyone to educate themselves; to find their compassion; and to reach out to those who need help instead of pushing them away.”

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He added: “In the years that followed that famous handshake, her work continued, both in public and private. When she visited Mildmay Hospital and the London Lighthouse hospice, she wanted the world to learn the stories of those who were dying. She wanted people to demand action towards treatments that would save lives.”

Here’s to Prince Harry, Prince William, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton continuing in Diana’s footsteps and making the world a better, more inclusive place.