Meghan Trainor And Her Husband Have Side-by-Side Toilets And The World Does Not Accept This

by Christina Marfice
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Meghan Trainor explained why she and her husband installed side-by-side toilets, and we’re going to need her to try again

Happy Wednesday, world. Bet you didn’t expect to be reading about a weird celebrity bathroom habit first thing on a humpday morning, but here we are — and it’s all thanks to Meghan Trainor. The “All About That Bass” singer revealed in a recent interview that she and her husband, Daryl Sabara made a pretty, um, unconventional renovation to the bathroom in their home and, um, we’d recommend just reading what they had to say in their own words about this.

The one who actually spilled the beans about this was Trainor’s brother, Ryan, who appeared alongside her on Nicole Byers’s “Why Won’t You Date Me” podcast. He was there explaining that he wants a relationship, but maybe one that’s different from what his sister and Sabara have, because as Ryan put it, they’re a little too close.

“You guys are weirdos, bro,” Ryan said. “They poop together! She’s pooping and Daryl’s like, ‘I’m going to go hang out with you now!'”

Obviously, that required some explanation. Trainor started by explaining that she gets nervous in public bathrooms, so she has her husband block the door for her. Listen, that’s fine and normal and does not really constitute “pooping together.” Nothing to see here.

But then she kept talking. And she revealed that she and Sabara have such similar body clocks that they often have to do their business at the same time, which is why they HAD TWO TOILETS INSTALLED SIDE-BY-SIDE IN THEIR BATHROOM. Emphasis mine. Trainor said this in a normal voice as if it was normal.

“We just got a new house and we did construction — nobody knows this — but in our bathroom, there was one toilet,” she explained. Pause here because, um, DUH. BATHROOMS COME WITH ONE TOILET, THAT IS NOT A DESIGN FLAW. Anyway. She continued, “A lot of times in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby, we gotta pee at the same time. So I was like, ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?'”

Is it just us, or would it have made more sense to, IDK, have two bathrooms? Or like, build a couple of those little water closet toilet rooms some bathrooms have? Anything other than literal buddy toilets?

It is not just us, because this news made the internet implode.

Here they are claiming that this design is so they can pee at the same time, but is anyone buying that? How long does it take you to pee that one of you can’t just wait? Or go to a different bathroom? In the interview, Trainor claimed that while she and Sabara have used their side-by-side toilets “often,” they’ve only “pooped together twice.” Even if that’s true, and I’m certainly not saying I believe it, that still means that Meghan Trainor and Juni Cortez have pooped directly next to each other two times. Do with that information what you will, but that’s enough internet for us today.

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