Melania Trump Reportedly Won't Welcome Jill Biden In First Lady Tradition

by Erica Gerald Mason
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In a move which surprises no one, sources say Melania “Be Best” Trump has no plans to welcome Jill Biden to the White House

Here are some things that are surprising: Tom Cruise really does run in all of his films, Mariah Carey claims she shops at Target, when your grandmother knows what an eggplant emoji means. Those are surprising things. Here is one thing that’s not surprising: according to sources, Melania Trump is declining the opportunity to be a decent person.

CNN reports Melania has declined to extend a pre-inauguration White House invitation to Dr. Jill Biden.

Twitter does not approve.

While no one can know Melania’s motive, based on past behavior, there’s a good chance she means it to come across as a snub.

Not that Dr. Biden needs it. Please. She doesn’t. By all reports, the Bidens and Obamas are close friends, so there is a strong possibility that a) she’s been there before, honey and b) Michelle Obama will step into the mentor role, should Dr. Biden need any help. But it would have been nice.

And nice is not a word that is part of the Trump brand. Opportunist, yes. Narcissist, yes. Imperious, yep.

But never nice.

For all of her “Be Best” rhetoric, Melania has proven that she is just as petty and insecure as her husband. Let’s not forget how Melania famously wore that jacket. You know the one. That ‘I Don’t Really Care, Do You?” jacket she wore to visit children separated from their parents and detained at the border.

Then there’s Melania’s former best friend, who recorded an alleged telephone conversation she had with the First Lady where the latter said, “F*ck Christmas.”

The internet never forgets.

Or there was the time when she went on Trump News; whoops, Fox News and repeated the incredibly racist birther theory that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen. During the Obama presidency, both Trumps never missed an opportunity to attack the Obamas on the lowest, most personal levels.

After a highly vitriolic election in 2016 where Trump made swipe after swipe about the sheer…terribleness of Obama, Michelle Obama would have been forgiven if she declined to offer Melania a tour. Or had her mother give Melania the tour. Could you imagine the press if she did? This Twitter user remembers.

But Our Lady of Perpetual Patience, Michelle Obama put on the fake smile you give to the PTA president when he asks if you’ve volunteered for the community car wash yet, and she gave Melania a tour. According to her memoir, Becoming, Michelle had a simple rationale for her hospitality: because Laura Bush had offered a tour to her. And Hillary Clinton had provided the tour to Laura before that. It’s because all of the women knew that the White House wasn’t theirs. It belongs to America, voters are just allowing the latest president to dwell there for a brief moment in our nation’s history.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at how Melania hasn’t been gracious. Every time she and Donald have had the opportunity to display some sort of patriotism and honor, they’ve instead shown that they care more about themselves than they care about other people.

The Biden-Harris administration can’t come fast enough. Bye Melania. Go ‘Be Best’ somewhere else.

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