Melania Talks To Kids About Bullying And The Looks On Their Faces Are Priceless

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Image via Twitter/ M Live Detroit

Perhaps Melania should start at home

First lady Melania Trump decided to surprise a Detroit middle school yesterday by showing up to talk about bullying and inclusion as a part of her ongoing anti-bullying agenda and everyone laughed and laughed and tried not to kick a(nother) hole in their living room wall.

Mrs. Trump and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stopped by Orchard Lake Middle School in Michigan as part of National Bullying Prevention Month. The pair took photos with students in the cafeteria and then gave a speech about inclusion and how important it is to get to know those around you.

The looks on the kids’ faces were so epic, Twitter took notice.

“I encourage you to find a new friend and eat lunch with a new friend,” Michigan Live reported Mrs. Trump said to students. “Ask them what they like. Ask what their hobbies are so nobody (becomes) sad… stressed… and everybody feels included. I think it’s important that we choose kindness and compassion.” The middle school runs a “no one sits alone” program to encourage students to treat each other kindly.

“By our own example, we must teach children to be good stewards of the world they will inherit,” Mrs. Trump stated before her visit. “We need to remember that they are always watching and listening. It is our responsibility to take the lead in teaching children the values of empathy and communication that are at the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership.”

Unfortunately, she failed to acknowledge her husband, the world’s biggest bully, as an example of how not to treat others. If she needed material on how not to behave, she could have easily pointed to his tweet accusing a dead soldier’s pregnant widow of lying, or the time he retweeted a doctored GIF of him slamming a ball into Hillary Clinton’s back, or calling North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un “little rocket man,” or any of the countless times he repeatedly referred to people as “dummy,”weird brats,” or calling women, among other things, “angry and obnoxious.”

And those are just his tweets.

Some of the reactions to her visit have been priceless:

Undeterred, Mrs. Trump continued her visit by stopping by a classroom to offer more advice against bullying. “I always believe that you need to treat each other with respect and kindness and compassion, but also stay true to yourself,” Mrs. Trump said. “Just listen to your heart.” She also threw in “I always say no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Because it doesn’t do any good… It just damages,” which is something the majority of the country can’t do without now that your husband in charge. But hey, good on you.

It’s worth noting during her visit, a group of protesters gathered outside of the school to remind everyone about the increase in deportation, many of whom are children, since Trump took office, Michigan Live reported.

“It’s not about the politics,” said Orchard Lake Middle School Principal Morrison Borders. “Today they were here about bullying and inclusion, things that everyone can get behind.”

Everyone, it seems, except our President.

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