Meteorologist Handed A Sweater To Cover Up After Viewers Complained About Her Dress

by Megan Zander
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Image via KTLA Morning News

A female meteorologist was handed a sweater and asked to cover up in the middle of live broadcast

When KTLA meteorologist Liberté Chan realized her original outfit for Saturday morning’s broadcast wouldn’t work with the green screen, she decided to wear a black dress instead. But she had no idea that her classic little black dress would cause a media storm bigger than anything in her weather report.

Smack dab in the middle of her weather report Chan’s coworker, weekend anchor Chris Burrous, reached out to hand her a cardigan.

At first Chan thought he was trying to be considerate. “You want me to put this on?” She asked. “Why? Because it’s cold?” That would make sense right, a coworker being concerned about the well-being of his coworker. If only that was the case.

“We’re getting a lot of emails,” Burrous said. Check out the cringe-worthy moment below:

Apparently while Chan was doing her actual job by telling people the weather forecast, some viewers were distracted by … what, exactly? Her clavicle? The way the beads on her dress shimmered in the light? Who knows.

You’d think the purpose of watching the weather forecast would be to figure out whether or not you need to bring an umbrella to work, but it seems that’s impossible to some people if a woman’s shoulders are visible. The worst part is that Burrous decided to ‘help’, and by help I mean completely embarrass his coworker on live television. He even tweeted about his ingenious ‘fix’:

When people responded to his sweater solution by calling it out for the demeaning act that it was, at first he tried to play the entire thing off as a joke.

But if the whole thing was meant as a joke, it completely backfired, because no one was laughing.

A valid question.


Burrous eventually offered an apology.

To her credit, Chan handled the entire thing like a complete professional. She was obviously surprised but she shrugged on the sweater, transformed it into a stylish knotted top and continued with her forecast like a boss. Following the broadcast she addressed the comments in a short video, showing the dress she originally meant to wear on air, and saying she wished viewers would comment on her actual performance as a meteorologist rather than her outfit.

Regardless of how classy Chan was in handling the incident or whether or not Burrous apologized, it’s ridiculous that in 2016 some people still judge women by what they’re wearing, even a grown, professional woman such as Chan.

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