Meteorologist Claps Back At Criticism Over Using Her Maiden Name

by Julie Scagell
Image via Facebook/Abby Dyer

The stranger decided to send a hand-typed letter expressing her anger over the name ‘issue’

Whether someone chooses to keep their maiden name when they get married is no one else’s business. It doesn’t matter why, or how their spouse feels about it, or if it makes things more complicated, or any of the nosy reasons a person asks because it’s not your concern. One concerned “fan” of a local meteorologist apparently never received that memo, however.

The viewer sent Abby Dyer, a meteorologist for an NBC affiliate in Missouri, an anonymous letter about the matter. “Abby Dyer,” the letter begins. “Are you married? If so, why don’t you use your married name instead of your maiden name?” The letter also mentions two other co-workers of Dyers who are married and use their married name on air.

“Are you ashambed (sic) of your husband or just got an obsession with your maiden name?” the letter continues. “I know my husband would be irritated if I continued to use my maiden name. I bet the reason for this maiden name your (sic) obsessed with, is you want men to think you are hot and a single girl.”

Lots of angry typing going on here, huh? Yeah.

The letter ended with, “Have a great single day. SINGLE GIRL.” Oh, bless. She’s passive-aggressively using all caps. As if we didn’t know where she stood on the issue at hand.

Dyer, a meteorologist with KY3 in Springfield, Missouri, didn’t waste any time putting this stranger in her place via her Facebook page. “Dear anonymous,” Dyer began. “I would have liked the opportunity to respond to you privately, but you chose to not include your name or any return address so I’m posting this here in hopes this reaches you.”

(Score one for Dyer pointing out what a coward move it is to insult someone without any chance of repercussion.)

“I am happily married. Most of my posts and commentary are about the weather – since that’s my job – and not my personal life. You may also have noticed that I wear my wedding ring proudly every day.”

“I’m sorry you felt the need to write such a malicious note without ever considering I may have thought about this decision very carefully,” Dyer said. She told TODAY the decision did not come without much consideration. “The decision was personal to me,” she said. “Not just because anchors use their name for continuity for their career, but for me, it was really personal. At the time my husband had a dangerous public job. We did it mainly for safety so they couldn’t connect the dots.”

This is just one more example of a stranger poking their nose where it is not only unwelcome but completely out of bounds. It has no bearing on this woman’s life if Dyer uses her married name, maiden name, or introduces herself on air as Big Bird. It’s a personal decision that requires no explanation.

Dyer caps off her response with, “Best, MARRIED. GIRL,” because SINGLE GIRL used caps first, so there. “P.S. For the record, my husband and I made this decision together. He fully supports me and always has.”