Michael Bublé Calls Son His 'Hero' In Sweet Birthday Tribute

by Erica Gerald Mason
Michael Bublé/Instagram

The Grammy winner gushed about his now 8-year-old son in an Instagram photo

Kiddos grow up so fast! One minute they’re holding your hand when you cross the street, and the next they are asking you to close the bedroom door on your way out.

No one knows that more than a parent celebrating their child’s birthday, like Grammy winner Michael Bublé can probably attest. The Haven’t Met You Yet singer shared an adorable birthday message for his son Noah, who has been in remission from cancer since 2017.

“Today my hero turns 8! I’ve never met anyone as brave… I’ve never known anyone as kind or as good-hearted… And I’ll never truly be able to express how proud I am, or how deep and profound Mommy’s and my love is for you,” Bublé captioned a pair of photos of the father-son pair.

“You’ve blessed our lives in every way. We hope God blesses you on your special day,” Bublé continued in the caption. “Happy Birthday, Noah B.”

In the first photo, Bublé cradles his then-infant son as he gives the bebe a bath. The second snapshot (taken years later) shows the pair sharing a cute hug.

Bublé and his wife Luisana Lopilato wed in 2011, also co-parent son Elias, 5, and daughter Vida, 3.

Little Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016 at age 3. Bublé learned of his son’s condition shortly before performing in London.

“Three minutes before I came [onstage], my wife texted and told me something was wrong,” he said during an interview with The Evening Standard in July 2018.

“I don’t know how I even sang, man, I just did it on autopilot,” he told the paper, before adding that his decision to sing his cover of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” was especially difficult. “The worst part was I was singing a song I had recorded with my kids in mind — ‘God only knows what I’d be without you…’ ” he says.

At the time, Buble posted a sweet tribute to his son on Instagram. “I hate posting just anything, so Instead, Im posting my everything,” he captioned the photo.

Thankfully, young Noah is now in remission.

Bublé, who can be described as a family man, often posts adorable pictures of his fam. To commemorate Father’s Day, Bublé posted a giggle-worthy snapshot of him with his family. As his kiddos get older, he’s clearly looking forward to a lifetime of dad jokes and general dad-levels of mischief.

“Growing up I could get pretty embarrassed by my Dad but he was always my hero, you know,” Bublé captioned a photo of him on a roller coaster and smiling next to a clearly chagrined kiddo. ”Now it’s my turn to embarrass my children, but hopefully thirty years from now, I’ll be their hero too!”