Michelle Obama Assembles Other Celeb Moms To Tell Us: 'Get Vaccinated!'

by Christina Marfice
Michelle Obama/Instagram

Michelle Obama has assembled the moms of some of Hollywood’s most famous stars to give us an important message: Get vaccinated now if you haven’t already

If you haven’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, what are you waiting for? The science is clear that these vaccines are safe, effective, and life-saving against COVID-19. As the country facing a new surge in virus cases driven by the omicron variant, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and others by getting your shots and a booster. And if you don’t want to take my word for it (or the word of the world’s leading doctors and scientists who are literally all shouting this message as loudly as they can), will you listen to some moms?

Michelle Obama posted a new video to social media, and she went right for the big guns. To help convince more people to get vaccinated, she rounded up some of Hollywood’s most famous… celebrities’ moms. The video includes moms of Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein, John David Washington, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, and Zendaya — and they’re bringing every mom power they have to the table to help convince people to get vaccinated.

“I’m joining these incredible moms to share a message—how important it is to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and get a booster, too,” Obama wrote. “Protect your loved ones and those around you by going to to find a vaccine near you. Do it for us moms.”

In the video, the moms use all their “mom powers,” which include bribery, guilt, worldly wisdom, and texting too much to convince us all that we need to get vaccinated — both for our own safety and to protect our communities. But when that all fails, the moms do what moms simply do best: They speak from the heart.

“COVID is a very serious matter,” Alicia Keys’ mom, Terria Joseph, says. “So please, go get your vaccine.”

John David Washington’s mom, Pauletta Washington, adds, “I was very reluctant to get the vaccine, but then I was convinced, I got it, and now I feel free.”

“Faith over fear — that’s my motto,” says Chris Paul’s mom, Robin Paul. “You don’t have to live in fear once you get the vaccination.”

“I’m a fairly holistic person, so I was not thrilled about getting vaccinated,” Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s mom, Sharon Feldstein, added. “But I’m way less thrilled about getting COVID. So get vaccinated, because the science is going to keep us safe.”

You heard them. If you’re not willing to do it for yourself, will you do it for these moms? Learn how to find a COVID vaccine near you.