Michelle Obama's Podcast Is Here & Barack Obama Is Her First Guest

by Christina Marfice
The Michelle Obama Podcast

Stop what you’re doing and listen to The Michelle Obama Podcast, now on Spotify

Michelle Obama has already done plenty of impressive things in her life. She’s been a lawyer, First Lady, memoir author, and constant inspiration to women from all kinds of backgrounds. But now, the First Lady has a brand new achievement she can add to her résumé: Podcast host.

Earlier this week, she launched The Michelle Obama Podcast. According to its description on podcast streaming platforms, she’s going to welcome a number of guests, from colleagues to family, to talk about the “relationships in our lives that make us who we are.” Sign us right up.

And naturally, to fit that theme, the first guest on the first episode is her husband, former President Barack Obama. We didn’t even know how badly we needed this, but it turns out, we really, really did.

The conversation between the Obamas covers a lot of ground and a lot of different topics, including Barack’s presidential legacy, how and why the couple became community organizers, their early days in politics, their fears for young voters, and how they’re spending their days in quarantine together (hint: they’re having a lot of “interesting conversations” to help stave off boredom).

Our favorite part of the first episode, though, has to be when the Obamas talk about the early days of their relationship and what made them fall in love.

“You know that at the core of everything you have done politically, what I know about you as a person and one of the reasons why I feel in love with you is…” Michelle says, before getting interrupted by Barack saying, “It wasn’t just my looks… but that’s okay.”

Michelle continues, “You’re cute you know… But no, one of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you are guided by the principle that we are each other’s brother’s and sister’s keepers. And that’s how I was raised!”

Of course it was their shared values for uplifting each other and their greater communities that made sparks fly between these two. We expect nothing less.

This interview just makes us excited to see who will be the next guest on Michelle Obama’s new podcast. Whoever it is, we’re sure the conversations will be thought-provoking and inspiring, like the First Lady always is. You can subscribe and listen to episodes for free on Spotify.