Midwife's PSA On Pubic Hair In The Delivery Room Goes Viral

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Getty/naphtalina/Reddit

Please don’t worry about your pubic hair, no one in the delivery room cares

If you’ve given birth, chances are likely you’ve spent a valid amount of time wondering what you should do with your pubes. Do you shave it, even though you can’t reach? Do you make your partner shave it? Do you go full bush? Will your doctors mind wading through all that hair?

Well, you can relax, mamas and mamas-to-be out there. Doctors, midwives, and nurses DGAF about what you do with your hair…down there.

In a viral Reddit post, a midwife puts all our collective pubic hair anxieties to rest by letting us all know it matters not one bit what we choose or don’t choose to do when it comes to the landscape situation during delivery.

“Please don’t worry about pubic hair.”

LOL. The best part is the comparison to our husbands and friends not noticing when we do something new to our hair (the kind up there).

Literally, the only thing they notice is if we have showered recently. That’s it. So whether you somehow contort yourself into shaving or trimming at 40 weeks pregnant (or bribing someone to do it for you), it doesn’t matter if there’s a landing strip, a full forest, or sequins in the shape of a lightning rod down there — no one cares.

Many people chimed in on the post, which clearly resonates with ALL OF US.


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I delivered my first child over three years ago, and I vaguely remember wondering about that stuff for a split second before absolutely caring not one bit. For one thing, I sincerely do not trust my husband with a razor near My Area. Plus, I spent a wicked amount of energy painting and filing my toenails when I was full-term. So no, the state of my pubic hair was not something I could muster the energy to care about. I did shower that morning though, so there’s that.

The Mayo Clinic says that shaving may actually set the stage for infection, in the case of women who deliver by C-section. You shouldn’t shave 24-48 hours ahead of a C-section, if you have a scheduled induction.

Anyway, bless this midwife for alleviating all of our anxieties and curiosities when it comes to our wilder-than-normal pubes during delivery. Because at that point, ain’t nobody got time for that.