Mike Pence Posts Inauguration Invite, Comment Section Turns Into Comedy Gold

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Americans aren’t going to the inauguration but they’ve RSVPed for the impeachment

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence posted a video of President-Elect Donald Trump asking people to come to his inauguration event. It’s basically an infomercial — for an inauguration. It’s sad. What’s even more sad is that Pence forgot to disable comments.

Typically the future president doesn’t have to film videos at his desk begging people to show up for inauguration weekend, but let’s not forget 65,844,954 people didn’t vote for this man. Pence, trying to do his boy Donnie a solid, shared the video but left the comments section turned on. Why haven’t they hired a social media consultant? If YouTube vloggers have social media staffers, surely Trump can shell out some cash to save himself from this much embarrassment.

Let’s see how America plans on spending their time while Trump celebrates his big win.

Clearly, anything is better than Trump’s inauguration.

People loathe the dentist and avoid going for years, but damn, a root canal does sound better than another round of the Trump-Pence Campaign Tour.

Oh snap. Cree Joyce speaks the truth. The poor folks over at the ACLU have been preparing for the shitshow Trump’s making of our democratic process since the night he won.

Tell ’em, Susan! We know tons of ladies who will be washing their hair that night … gotta look good for that march, y’all. Speaking of, many people took time to remind Trump that many more folks are marching instead of attending his inauguration.

Seriously, though, millions of people are attending the Women’s March. It’s ridiculous how many more Americans are headed to D.C. to protest the new president rather than celebrate him.

We love how Michelle kept it classy and thanked Trump ahead of time for his sure-to-be sexist tweets on the march.

Some brilliant souls took time to remind everyone that Trump is truly heartless.

Others, like Molly, let the world know she’d rather hang with the most hated Americans than be part of the president-elect’s festivities.

Honestly, Thomas’ day sounds super fun. Why don’t Trump supporters want to live in our liberal paradise? We have heath care, parades, and all the hair products (at bulk pricing!) that a gal could need.

Yeah, about that health care. Perhaps you should come up with a plan for the millions of sick people who could die without Obamacare instead of posting videos begging people to hang out with you.

Doing literally anything for John Lewis is better than spending time with Trump and his clan. I’d polish the civil rights hero’s shoes before attending the inauguration.

Some folks decided to call out Trump’s shady campaign and his Russian ties. Don’t worry, boys, no one forgot about your bullshit. We’re just deciding exactly how to handle the mess you created.

This is our new normal: wake up, brush teeth, see what chaos this demagogue has caused, rinse, and repeat.

But, trust, we’re more than ready for your impeachment. And we’re bringing the whole family.

Jessica already knows why you’ll be impeached. Since there are so many options, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Us too, Will.

Renita isn’t just bringing the fam, she’s bringing an entire generation. That’s how much we hate the spoiled rich kid who got bored spending his daddy’s money building hideous hotels. You’ve embarrassed our nation and stolen the honor the Oval Office had and you haven’t even started the job yet. So, no, we won’t be at the inauguration, but we’ll see you at the impeachment.

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