Disney Just Released Rose Gold Minnie Ears And People Are Losing All Chill

by Maria Guido
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Image via Instagram/Styled by Magic

Disney just released official rose gold Minnie ears

Disney just released new rose gold Minnie ears — and they’re pretty fantastic. Picture your usual adorable set of Minnie ears, but covered in rose gold sequins — complete with a rose gold shimmer bow.

Popular Disney blogger Chelsea Watson says, “Disney Parks are finally giving the people what they want — Rose gold ears!!”

We’ve combed the Disney store and can’t find them online, so it looks like you have to head to the parks to snag a pair. Or beg any family you know that has a trip planned this year to pick one up for you.

“They sparkle in the sunlight with a sequined base and a metallic bow, created to make your Instagram dreams come true,” writes the Disney Style blog.

Take all our money, Disney. All of it.

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