Missy Elliott Surprises Woman On 'Ellen' Who Went Viral Singing 'Work It'

Missy Elliott Just Surprised The Karaoke Queen On Ellen

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Image via YouTube/Ellen

Missy Elliott shocked her “funky white sister” during a performance on The Ellen Show

Last month, one of the best viral videos to ever viral hit the internet and a star was born. Mary Halsey, an assistant at a nursing and rehab facility as well as a beloved figure in her community, grabbed the mic and busted out the best karaoke version of Missy Elliott’s hit song “Work It” that the world’s ever seen. Even Missy Misdemeanor herself agreed, shouting Halsey out on Twitter.

That’s why Elliott showing up to surprise Halsey on The Ellen Show is pretty much the best thing we’ve ever seen. Ever.

After an interview with Ellen, Halsey began her performance. The crowd lost it, of course — this woman is a legend in her own time.

If you just came for Halsey’s insane rap skills, go to around minute 2:40 in the video. Then prepare to whoop and squeal at what comes next.

Halsey starts getting her song on and less than two minutes later, Elliott appears onstage, to the delight of literally everyone — and to the shock of Halsey. It’s just completely adorable in every way.

Image via YouTube/Ellen

The two perform together briefly while fellow “Ellen” guest Kristen Bell continues to just love it, which is a whole other level of adorable.

Image via YouTube/Ellen

They embrace at the end and I am given new life.

Image via YouTube/Ellen

To refresh your memory a tad, here’s the original in all its public park picnic glory.