A Sad Mitch McConnell Is The Start To 2021 We Needed

by Valerie Williams
Tom Brenner/Getty

After the Georgia runoff senate race, it looks like we’re about to see a very downtrodden Mitch McConnell

Did you wake up today and feel like the sun was shining a little brighter and the world was singing a song? That’s probably because Senate Majority (soon-to-be Minority) Leader Mitch McConnell is currently dealing with a serious case of hurt fee-fees after the projected Democratic victories of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate runoff election.

Naturally, Twitter was alive with joy and pure, delicious petty at the thought of McConnell, an actual ghoul, having to step down after Democrats win back the Senate, which appears more likely as votes continue to be counted today (at press time, Warnock had already been called as the winner in his race against Kelly Loeffler and Ossoff was leading David Perdue by about 17,000 votes according to The New York Times).

On to the tweets.

This is a whole entire mood TBH. I woke up with a literal spring in my step and opened Twitter. I was not disappointed y’all.

Oh Hillary. We won’t ever stop lamenting what could’ve been, but at least things are heading in the right direction now. Nothing looks better than the words “Minority Leader” in front of McConnell’s name — and coming from Hillary makes it all the more delicious.

We are all eagerly awaiting this moment.

Now this song will be in your head all day and that’s not really a bad thing.


Please let this delectable tidbit sink in. Madame Vice President Kamala Harris dashing Mitch’s evil dreams every chance she gets for the next four years. She’s speaking. For four whole years.

It’s just the happiest day ever pretty much and Twitter brought their best.

But let’s never forget who made this possible. Incomparable queen Stacey Abrams. We owe her everything for winning back our democracy. Can she now be in charge of getting the vaccine out? Please?

In all seriousness, there was so much at stake when it came to the outcome of these runoff races and if Republicans retained control of the Senate, Joe Biden would’ve been deeply limited in what he could accomplish as president. As Warnock and Ossoff win by very slim margins, please let it be a lesson that every vote counts. Exercise that right and make Stacey proud — and Mitch sad.