MLM Folks, Stop With The 'Hey Girl' Messages. Seriously.

MLM Folks, Stop With The ‘Hey Girl’ Messages. Seriously.

April 24, 2018 Updated April 25, 2018

hey girl
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“Hey Girl!”

Sound familiar? Another day, another log on, another pitch for some kind of MLM product. And I get it, it’s fine that you are out there trying to get your entrepreneur on. Hey, I have been there too, but here is the thing…

There is no phrase on the planet that elicits an instant “no thank you” from me more than a PM/DM/email that starts off “Hey girl.”

You are trying to sell me something, yet you are either hustling so hard that you don’t have the time to type my name in some generic message you took ten minutes to perfect to send to 75 of your not-so-close acquaintances a day. Better yet, you are trying to get me to join your “team” and help you earn those sponsor bonuses, and you don’t even know my name.

I work hard for my money, and you probably do too, by busting your butt day in and day out to get one yes for every 25 no’s, and sometimes I may even want to support your venture. However, if you don’t have the courtesy to personalize your message to me, please save us both the awkwardness of me reading the subject line of a message and not opening it so that you can see the word “seen” and feel the need to follow up with yet another plea for my business.

So please, next time you begin “working your business,” heed this warning, get to know your “mark,” refer to me by name, and if I want what you are selling, maybe I will consider supporting you and your venture.