Sister's Instagram Account Spoofs Male-Model Brother With Her Adorable Toddler

Image via Instagram/ babyandthebody

Good looks seem to run far in this family

If you like looking at pictures of squishy babies and unbelievably handsome male models with abs you could bounce a quarter off of, you’re going to love this Instagram account.

Babyandthebody, is an account started by Katina Behm in 2016 — with the help of her hot model brother, Aristotle (of course that’s his name) and her 18-month-old baby boy, Augie.

It started when Behm’s 28-year-old brother moved to New York City to try his luck in modeling and started posting modeling pics on Instagram. Be warned that you if you click on that link, you might get nothing accomplished for the rest of the day.


When Behm started seeing his pics, she came up with the idea to post a similar, side-by-side pic of her son, Augie, striking similar poses.

Behm said she sent her family the picture with the caption “Who wore it better?”

“They were just laughing and saying I should share them online,” Behm told TODAY. With that, Babyandthebody was born and we will be eternally grateful.

Behm tells Scary Mommy her brother is perfectly ok with all the newfound attention. “He loves it!” she says. “From the very beginning when I sent him the first side by side. I basically told him he doesn’t have a choice because it’s too funny not to share and he was totally on board. Knowing him I sort of assumed he would be.”

Behm says she even emails the weekly photos to her 88-year-old grandmother before posting them online. “I send her the photo on Sunday nights and call her and she goes, ‘Is it time?!’” she tells TODAY. “So she’ll run upstairs with me on the phone because she wants me to be on the phone when she first looks at it.”

When asked if Augie has any plans of following in his uncle’s footsteps (because omg that face) she joked, “I’ll let his Uncle reign that area for now.” Though, she did admit Augie “has always been a bit dramatic (especially compared to his twin sister) so it’s hard to tell if it’s gone to his head or if it’s just Augie being a diva as usual.”

Sounds like she may have a model in the making, after all.