Mojito Mom

by Sili
Originally Published: 

If you give a mom a mojito, she will smile politely and say thank you

When she picks it up, she’ll notice there’s condensation on the table

She will clean it up with her napkin

After she’s done cleaning it up, she will go throw out the napkin

When she opens the trash she’ll notice it is full

And of course, she will go empty the trash

As she takes out the trash, she will realize there’s a basket of dirty clothes by the washer

She will throw the clothes in and start a new load

This reminds her that she needs to change the sheets in the bedroom

She goes over to the bedroom and strips the bed. That’s when she looks at the clock

The time reminds her that she has to go grocery shopping

She will drive to the store and pick up everything on her list

When she gets home, she will realize she has to put away the groceries

Upon opening the fridge, she will notice it needs to be cleaned

She cleans the fridge and puts everything away

As she turns around she will see the herbs on the windowsill

The mint catches her attention and reminds her of the mojito

And chances are, if she remembers the mojito, she’ll turn to you and ask you to make her one.

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