You've Never Loved Anything As Much As This Mom Loves Her Chewbacca Mask

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Video of mom cracking up in a Chewbacca mask takes over the internet

Candace Payne was wandering a Kohl’s department store, no doubt enjoying the happiness that comes with shopping alone, without children nipping at your heels, pointing out all of the things they’re desperate for you to buy them, throwing fits when you tell them no, when she stumbled across a “souvenir” from Star Wars.

It’s clear she’s already a fan of the franchise by her t-shirt, which features the dreaded death star, but I’m not sure even she was prepared for her own outburst of joy when she donned the mask in the parking lot.

To be fair, the mask is pretty cool. The mouth moves, the sounds are convincing. I’m not gonna lie to you, I kind of want one myself!

Now I don’t think the mask will show me the face of God or unlock Sting’s secrets of the tantric orgasm as it seems to have done for Candace, but I’ll settle for a few laughs, and maybe an easy way to hide my face so no one can identify the jerk dad who keeps roaring in people’s faces and refuses to let his son use his Chewbacca mask. I might head over to Kohl’s later!

(And if Kohl’s is smart, they’ll head over to Candace’s and get her in a commercial! With over 97 million views on Facebook in less than two days, her video is lighting the internet on fire!)


My favorite part of the video is when Candace, who at times almost seems to be channeling Melissa McCarthy’s trademark anarchic cheer (“It’s worth it to me!'”), suddenly gets a little serious.

“I’d like to say that I bought this for my son… however, THIS IS MINE. Like when it’s said and done, at the end of the day, THIS IS MINE that I bought. And I’m gonna keep it FOR MY OWN.”

She admits that her son will probably take it from her at some point, because she knows, like every parent knows, that once you have kids, there is very little that’s yours ever again. They take everything from you. EVERYTHING. Everything except Candace’s Chewbacca mask.

Parents need to take their joy where they can get it, because our kids drive us to some desperate places. Sometimes wearing a plastic mask in a Kohl’s parking lot is all we can get, and sometimes, like in this video showcasing Candace’s happy delirium, it’s all we need.

Roar on, Candace. Roar on!

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