Daughter Documents Her Mom's Return To College And It's Everything

by Valerie Williams
Image via Tumblr

Daughter shares photos of mom’s back-to-college preparations

Going to college is super exciting for a teen and as it turns out, it’s also a total blast for a grown adult. We know that for a fact after a college student documented her mom’s return to college after spending years working and parenting. And it’s basically the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

According to Buzzfeed, 26-year-old Kitty Murray and her mom Brenda are attending college together this year. Kitty is a senior at Lake Superior State University and dear old mom is just starting out in a website design program. This is Brenda’s second degree, as she is also an accountant. She was first in school back when Kitty was just a toddler. And funnily enough, now Kitty is in school for accounting too.

Image via Tumblr

Brenda, 48, is very happy about going back to school and is all organized and ready to tackle whatever college throws at her. We know this because Kitty took photos of her mom’s adorable preparations and shared them on her Tumblr account. Check it out. It will almost make you want to re-enroll.

Image via Tumblr

Um. That reason would be style, Kitty. Look it up.

And that classy leather binder is full of things to help keep Brenda on track in her new role as student. Things like a ridiculously detailed schedule. Laminated, of course.

Image via Tumblr

“The ZZZs are to indicate she gets to sleep in. There are flocks of birds to indicate that she is free as a bird because classes are over. She drew butterflies in her computer monitor icons????” Kitty is clearly perplexed by her mom’s system, but we trust there’s a method to her madness. It’s not her first time at the rodeo and she’s leaving nothing to chance. Just look at those little maps she drew to make sure she doesn’t get lost on her way to class. I want Brenda to come and organize my entire life, because I get lost in my own neighborhood.

And lest you think Brenda is all function and no fun, check out the little dividers she made out of scrapbook paper. Also laminated because what are we, savages?

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One peep at Brenda’s glorious quiz preparation notes tells us there will be fights over who gets to sit next to her and bask in her fastidiousness. Every inch of the paper is full. Because Brenda has no time for bullshit when there’s a quiz she needs to rock.

Image via Tumblr

But as it turns out, Kitty is the one who sits next to her in a web design class the mom and daughter are taking together. “She codes a lot slower,” says Kitty. “She usually sits there and swears, and then apologizes to everyone for swearing.”

Of course she apologizes. She’s Brenda. She makes dividers out of scrapbook paper.

All joking aside, Kitty seems incredibly proud of her mom for going back to school and starting all over. The two are close with Brenda often stopping at Kitty’s on-campus house between classes to eat lunch or go to the bathroom. Other students have even told Kitty they wish they had the same kind of close relationship with their moms.

It’s clear that Kitty and Brenda are mother/daughter goals. We wish them both luck this school year. Not that they need it.