Mom's Elf On The Shelf Set-Up Comes Back To Bite Her In The A**

by Mike Julianelle
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The Elf on the Shelf isn’t the only mischievous one in this mom’s house

The Elf on the Shelf is supposed to encourage kids to be on their best behavior, but after one mom got ambitious and creative with hers, she inadvertently brought our her son’s most devious side. And got a trashed bathroom in the process.

Despite fact that the Elf is meant to keep kids in line, the situation Lynn and her Elf on the Shelf created got a little out of control when her son discovered the scene and tried to save his own ass.

Lynn Heinrich, of North Carolina, shared a story on Facebook about what happened when she was feeling inspired to go a bit above and beyond with her Elf. She set it up to make it look like the elf had vandalized her bathroom and framed her son for the crime – writing “Miles did it” on the mirror with shaving cream – in the process.

But it backfired. Bigtime.

She laid out all the gruesome details – including some about Miles’ birth experience! – in her hilarious post.

“Miles woke up before me and went to the bathroom and apparently got scared shitless that he was going to be in so much trouble that he needed to cover his tracks. Soooo my son, apple of my eye, the monster I was on bed rest for 5 months for, that I went through 21 hours of labor for and took 3 hours to push his huge ass head out, well he decides to frame the elf.”

But that’s not all. The kid has some major balls.

“So he gets a magic marker, black to be exact and draws squiggly lines all over my bathroom walls. Yes you read that shit right. Then writes a note with said marker saying, “You are ugly Lynn” and then the mastermind puts the marker on the elf.”

Oh, shit. Miles, you’ve gone too far.

Despite her fury, Heinrich acknowledges her son’s crafty ways. “I have to give him credit there, he is smarter than some of the dumb asses on Snapped or I Almost Got Away With It. Kind of scary if I think about that. Anyway so now because of this Mother F%^$%$& elf I have to paint my bathroom again. I mean how can I yell at him without telling him I know he did it b/c I did the shaving cream.”

We thought this Elf on the Shelf thing was supposed to scare kids into behaving! Not only did this mom go through the effort of crafting some elaborate scene with the stupid doll, just to, we don’t know, keep the magic of Christmas alive for her kid, now she’s made extra work for herself because the Elf was too convincing. Fortunately, Heinrich updated her post to add that the paint in her bathroom was so glossy she was able to get the marker off the wall with just a little soap and water. The Elf lives to see another day.

We don’t do Elf on the Shelf. Because we’re lazy and proud of it. Lynn’s Facebook post is the best reassurance yet that we made the right decision. The last thing I need is extra extra work this December.

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