From The Confessional: Making Mom Friends Is Hard AF

by Cassandra Stone
Sean Justice/Getty

We all know how hard it can be to make mom friends, and these confessions prove it

Making mom friends is a necessary tenet of surviving parenthood. You need your people, your village, the other moms you vibe with who look at parenting in a way you can also relate to. Seasoned moms, new moms, it doesn’t matter — we all need friends who are parents.

But making mom friends is hard AF. Why? Because who has the time to make new friends? In many cishet relationships, moms are the default parent (*snarl*) and are therefore burdened with All The Things and no time. Finding friends online can be just as hard, because mom groups on Facebook aren’t always super friendly. And let’s face it, we don’t need or want friends who feel the exact same way we do on every little thing, but it sure does help when they do. A sleep-training mom might go looking for support online and a co-sleeping mom might snap her damn head off, and vice versa.

Moms are taking to our confessional to open up about what it’s really like making mom friends.

I wonder what it feels like to have a group of mom friends.

Confessional #25825917

I wish it was easier to make mom friends who actually wanted to talk about things besides Old Navy supercash and the deals they're getting on kids stuff. Maybe I'm less interesting than I think but I sure as hell have more to talk about that that!

Confessional #25821897

NEVER will I try to make mom friends again! Judgmental bitches! I'm not good enough to be part of your circle, then I'll burn you in mine! WTAF is wrong with you? Lost faith in ever finding another friend in my life :(

Confessional #25816801

Feel like the only mom who doesn’t have “mom friends. My son his 3 and I take him to playgroups but have yet to actually befriend other moms. Makes me feel like a reject.”

Confessional #25814437

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to show up at a playgroup with your kids and all the other moms there seem to already know each other and don’t include you at all.

Raise your hand if you don’t give AF about coupons unless you happen to remember they exist and then use them because you were already shopping anyway.

I suspect new mom friends are trying to rope me into their MLM. FML. Must everyone have an ulterior motive?

Confessional #25812724

A bunch of my mom friends think they’re Instagram influencers. It’s annoying as all hell and I’ve stopped interacting with them on there because I’m tired of feeding their ego machines.

Confessional #25809437

AHHHH ATTACK OF THE MLM BOSS BABE MOMS! Also wannabe influencers are right up there with MLM moms, tbh.

I know my mom friends are just as lonely as I am, but we're all too damn busy to make time for ourselves and actually hangout.

Confessional #25796663

I miss having mom friends. You know the kind where we all meet up and bitch about our dhs over a glass of wine and we laugh so hard that all our "problems" just seem to have gone away. They kept me sane. Dh new job made us relocate.

Confessional #25793800

I’m so mad at all my mom friends who are out there hanging out with everyone. We miss our friends, but it’s not worth the risk. I’m just tired of being pissed at them!

Confessional #25788097

Raise your hand if you’ve had to rethink your mom friend group because none of them have been acting like there’s a global pandemic and you’re just like…wut.

I hope to one day be as proud of anything as some of my mom friends are about the fact that their kids don’t eat breakfast cereal. Lol.

Confessional #25780793

Listen, if you act superior because of what your children eat or don’t eat, you can just take a big ol’ hike RIGHT NOW THANKS.

I hate that my text messages are ignored by my mom friends and sister in-laws and they respond to everyone else is the group chat. It makes me feel even more ignored than I already do staying at home. I feel invisible.

Confessional #25767748

A few of my mutual mom friends went out without me this weekend. I felt so alone when I saw the photos on social media.

Confessional #25766673

Just because people become parents doesn’t mean they lose that high school mean girl vibe. Sigh.

I always say I don't want mom friends, but I really do.

Confessional #25757229

Mom friends. I'm surrounded by potential mom friends but don't know how to bridge the gap and actually become friends.

Confessional #25754164

I can't stand the "leader" in my group of mom friends. She's loud, dominating, and is rude to service workers. But finding a group who has kids the same age is so HARD that I'm willing to overtip and quietly apologize to waitstaff...

Confessional #25628138

Imagine being the “leader” in a group of adult women friends. Big yikes.

When I see mom friends out together it's nice to know such a thing exists. But my heart breaks a little every time because I know it's something I'll never have.

Confessional #24583662

I have no girlfriends. No mom friends, no tribe or squad. I see pics on FB of these girls out on girl’s nights with like 5-10 friends. What I wouldn’t give for just one friend. Motherhood is so hard without that kind of support.

Confessional #24179679

I don't really give a fuck about having mom friends because truthfully, I don't like most of them anyway.

Confessional #24163837

You don’t need a huge group of people to fill the void of friendship in your life. Even just one person, who feels like your “person,” is enough. Because if these confessions have shown us anything, it’s that sometimes mom friends are worth it. And sometimes they most definitely are not.