Mom Tries To Be Super Chill About The Sex Talk, Fails Miserably

by Valerie Williams
Image via Imgur

When trying to be “the cool mom” doesn’t exactly go as planned

When it comes to teaching our kids about safe sex, it’s important to equip them not only with information, but possibly, the right kind of protection as well. One mom tried her hardest to help her son make good choices but instead, failed as hard as a parent could possibly fail. Unless she’s secretly gunning to become a grandparent, that is.

A photo posted to Imgur a few years ago recently resurfaced and it’s pretty much the best/worst parenting fail we’ve seen in a while. While trying to be the proverbial “cool mom,” this woman all but sabotaged her son and his girlfriend. Behold. And try not to laugh too hard — she tried her best.

Oh, screw it. Laugh as hard as you want, this is beyond hilarious.

This real-life “Regina George’s mom” undoubtedly had great intentions and besides her gigantic mistake, a spectacular approach. She made it clear that she trusts her son. She’s not shaming him for being sexually active. She wants him to know that it’s totally cool if he and Ashley intend to boink at her house while she’s not around, she just wants him to be safe about it.

That push pin, though. Whoopsie.

Hopefully, this kid was smart enough to roll his eyes at mom’s little mishap and toss that useless rubber in favor of one that won’t make him a teen father or put he and Ashley at risk for contracting any STDs. Or maybe he was so horrified by his mom’s suspicion that he was planning to get busy with his girlfriend under her roof that he decided to take their business to the backseat of his car instead. Either way, our fingers are crossed that he didn’t use this Swiss cheese prophylactic.

All kidding aside, being very open with your kids about sex, to the point where you literally provide them with forms of protection and birth control, is the way to be. We need to acknowledge that many teens become sexually active, possibly, long before we think they will. So many parents stick their heads in the sand and pretend their kids won’t have premarital sex, or try to shame them into remaining abstinent. And we all know how that can turn out.

Every family can handle their sexually active teens however they see fit, but having a little parentally-provided stash of condoms discreetly tucked in a bathroom drawer is not a bad idea. Better safe than sorry, right?

Even though her execution was all shades of wrong, this isn’t a bad business model to emulate. Maybe just keep the push pins out of it and casually leave the condom on the bathroom counter instead.

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