Mom Heckles Comedian For Joking About Parenthood, It Doesn't End Well

by Maria Guido

Comedian shuts heckler down when she gets offended by his jokes about parenting

People have opinions about parenting, because they do. Everyone may not be a parent, but most people have one. Most people have experienced parenting in some capacity. Yes, it can be super annoying to be given advice by someone who has no kids, but expecting people to have zero opinions on parenting because they don’t have children of their own is pretty naive.

A heckler learned this lesson recently, when she decided to get irrationally annoyed at a comedy show when a comedian worked in a bit about parenting. Steve Hoffstetter was joking about parents who think their kids are special.

A woman in the audience called him out for not being a parent, insisting that he shouldn’t joke about a topic he’s not intimately familiar with. “I know that there are parents in the room tonight,” started Hoffstetter. “For the parents in the room I want to make sure you know this: You’re not special. And I’m tired of your shit.”

“Parents walk around like having a kid makes you special and that’s not true,” continued Hoffstetter. “Raising a good kid — now that makes you special.” That’s probably a comment most parents would agree with. He then makes a joke about how it takes more effort to order a pizza than it does to have a child — because, comedy. A parent in the audience gets pissed.

This interaction ensues:

Look, I’m a parent. I fully sign off on the idea that getting parenting advice from non-parents is annoying as hell. But being a parent is not a prerequisite for having opinions about children and parenting. That’s just ridiculous. Anyone who’s spent any time on the internet knows that everyone has opinions about everything all the time. And they will until the end of time.

“Here’s the thing, you can’t just say ‘well you haven’t had any kids so you don’t know anything about kids.’ I’ve never flown a helicopter. But if I saw one in a tree, I could still be like, ‘Dude fucked up. It’s not supposed to be up there. That’s pilot error.'”

Touché, dude.