Genius Mom Invents The 'Wine Workout' Of Your Dreams

by Ashley Austrew
Originally Published: 

This trainer mom invented a workout using bottles of wine.

Have you been looking for an excuse to buy more wine? Well, look no further, because this California mom totally has your back. She invented a wine workout — yes, I just used “wine” and “workout” together in a sentence — and it’s become a viral fitness craze you’ll actually want to try.

April Storey is a trainer and fitness educator who posts tons of helpful tips and workout videos on social media. Around New Year’s Eve, Storey was getting ready to film a workout video and thought it’d be funny to incorporate bottles of red wine she had sitting out for a party. She made a video using the wine as dumbbells, then uploaded it to Facebook and Instagram, and the “wine workout” was born.

In the video, Storey performs a series of arm workouts by lifting two bottles of wine. Then, she moves on to wine push-ups, which involve lowering yourself to a wine glass outfitted with a straw and rewarding yourself with a sip of the good stuff between each rep. A few people have criticized Storey, cautioning that she’s going to fall on top of her wine glass and hurt herself, but us professionals know a mom would never do anything to hurt her beautiful, innocent glass of cabernet.

Storey’s video took off after Star Trek actor George Takei shared it with his nine million Facebook followers. From there, it was picked up by a Facebook page called Once Upon A Wine, where it’s been viewed over 18 million times and has over 240,000 shares. It’s so popular, in fact, Storey even made a second wine workout video that focuses on the lower body, because she’s a gift that keeps on giving.

While working out with bottles of wine may seem kind of silly — and push-ups over a glass of wine could possibly be dangerous — Storey tells KTRK News she’s actually trying to make an important point about health and putting yourself first. “What I want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day,” she says. “You can do it anywhere, and you can use anything.”

Getting in shape can be daunting, especially after you’ve had kids. It’s ridiculously hard to find the time and the motivation to exercise when you’re trying to take care of everyone else’s needs, and so many of us feel like we have to pay for personal training or join a fancy gym to prove we’re serious about our health.

In reality, even working out with two bottles of wine in your living room is better than not working out at all, and that’s what we should really take away from Storey’s ingenious videos. You may not have the fanciest workout equipment in the world, but you’ve definitely got a few bottles (or boxes) of booze you can use. If not, we guarantee your playgroup has more than enough to share.

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