These Size-Inclusive Mom Jeans From Target Are Only $22 And We Are Obsessed

by Rachel Garlinghouse
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These Mom Jeans From Target Live Up To Their Stellar Reputation
Scary Mommy and Target

I grew up in the eighties and nineties where our moms drove minivans, listened to Paula Abdul, and wore high-waisted mom jeans with tucked-in shirts. Their hair was in a high pony, secured with a coordinating scrunchie, making sure their poofy, teased bangs were in full force. They sipped Folger’s coffee, chatted on corded phones, and did step-aerobic or power-walking workouts. Target culture really wasn’t a thing yet, unfortunately for them. They had to order their clothes by mail or phone after circling their faves from a catalog that came in the mail.

Now that I’m a mom, who yes, drives a minivan, I just got my own first pair of mom jeans after the Target Fam Facebook group told me I needed them in my life. There are daily, multiple posts of moms raving at how comfortable and affordable the Wild Fable high-waisted, distressed, and soft jeans are. I got a serious case of FOMO one day, and despite it being ninety-five degrees here, I ordered a pair. Yup, they live up to the hype, including the five-star site reviews. My second pair is on the way.

Normally, I live in workout clothes, though I only exercise about thirty minutes a day. I have yet to, until now, find a pair of jeans that don’t make me cringe. Jean shopping is much like swimsuit shopping. Every one of them is either too tight, too loose, too gapped, a funky color, or has trendy holes in the wrong places—if you know what I mean. After taking the plunge and purchasing a pair of the budget-friendly denim, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Everything stays where it’s supposed to, and I’m just as comfortable as if I’m wearing my favorite pair of running shorts.

The jeans come in size double-zero to size twenty-six. That’s right, mom. No matter your body type, you can nab a pair of the jeans for yourself and rock them. I almost always have to buy curvy jeans, so I was skeptical that these would fit me. Almost every pair I’ve ever bought to accommodate my backside means the waist gaps. I don’t want to wear a belt, nor do I want anyone getting a glimpse of my fanny when I bend over. The Target Fam promised that the jeans would work for my body type and size, and they were right. Not only did they fit me, but they seem to fit everyone. How is this magic even possible?

Allison from Arizona told Scary Mommy that she’s 4’11” and a size two. The jeans “fit snug but have enough stretch and room to still be comfortable.” She added that the versatility is the main selling point. The Target fam page is filled with pics and positive comments of women rocking their new pair. Keshia-Skye told us she’s a “tired mom of three” and wore her jeans on a date with her husband. She wears a size sixteen and told us she loves the comfort and style of her mom jeans.

The style she’s talking about is the distressing. That means holes, which I like to call air conditioning for my legs. Luckily the holes are in places where I don’t have to worry about any of my downstairs showing. I’m young-ish and hip, but I’m not that hip.

If the light wash isn’t your vibe, no need to worry. The jeans also come in a medium blue, which is perfect for fall and spring, too. If you want my unsolicited opinion, I think you need both colors. The darker can be dressed up more, while the light says you are keeping it casual. No matter the color or size that you select to buy, the jeans are only $22 a pair. Yes, you read that correctly.

Maybe you’re like me? High-waisted used to really irk me, because I thought it meant high on the waist and too-high in the nethers. I don’t want to be discreetly digging anything out of my lady business like it’s my hobby. Luckily, the Wild Fable jeans are high-waisted but have a roomy crotch. Let your parts breathe, mama. Between the distressed holes and the roominess, there’s adequate air flow to your regions. Can you hear me cheering?

Plus, talk about soft! I have some serious sensory issues when it comes to seams and metal on traditional jeans. I like the look of skinny jeans, but I don’t like peeling them down when I have to use the bathroom. (They remind me of the pantyhose I had to wear to church as a kid.) I loathe the leap-and-tug that skinny, stiff jeans require when pulling them back up. These jeans are soft, almost like jersey, with none of the stuck-to-me yuck factor. Sarah from Wisconsin concurs, referring to the mom jeans as “denim heaven.” Laura from Colorado reported, “They have the look of jeans with the comfort of sweats.” Yes, mama, she said the comfort of sweats, my dream come true.

I feel like a middle schooler giving into the peer pressure of what’s cool, but I’m seriously glad I purchased these jeans. The Target Fam friends are right. If you don’t own these jeans, what are you doing with your life? I know what the answer is. You’re suffering day in and day out to look cute while your insides are screaming in misery, because you insist on wearing those ill-fitting, itchy pants.

Here’s the big question. What are you wearing on your lower-half? As a mom of four in her mid-thirties, I’m all about comfort and affordability, with cuteness being a perk. These jeans have it all. My advice? Treat yourself. Because 2020 is the most epic dumpster fire ever, and we need all the comfort we can get.

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