Mom's Pun-Filled Lunchbag Art Will Make You Wish You Could Draw

by Ashley Austrew
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Mom uses hilarious lunchbag puns to bond with her sons

You’ve heard of dad jokes, right? Well, it turns out dads aren’t the only ones who can come up with groan-inducing puns so bad you can’t help but laugh. One Canadian mom is representing “mom jokes” with the hilarious and creative puns she illustrates on her sons’ lunch bags every day.

Jenn Aguilar is a Calgary mom of two who wanted a fun way to bond with her sons, 14-year-old Kale and 12-year-old Konnor. She tells Buzzfeed Canada she tried slipping notes into their lunches, but they’d always get lost or thrown away. That’s when she decided to communicate with them using the actual lunch bag instead.

Aguilar decorates her sons’ lunch bags with hilarious puns and adorable cartoons. Her jokes encompass everything from pop culture to superheroes to cartoons to 90s hip hop — anything her sons are interested in. “What did Kanye say when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s breakfast?” she wrote one on. The answer? “Omelette you finish, but Beyonce’s breakfast is better.”

Here are some of our other favorites from her Instagram account, Lunchbag Adventures:

“What kind of photos do ninja turtles have on Instagram? Shell-fies.”

“What song does Adele sing when eating chips? Rolling in the dip.”

“What kind of fruit can fix your sink? A plum-ber.”

“What is Tupac and Dr. Dre’s favorite song? Kale-fornia Love.”

Aguilar tells Buzzfeed Canada she spends about 25 minutes decorating the bags each night, and they are a “love language” that helps her remind her sons how special they are. “At first they were really embarrassed like, ‘Oh mom we’re too old for this’,” she said. “But I stopped doing them for a little bit and they were like, ‘Where are the bags?’ I definitely think they enjoy the bags, even if they don’t want to admit it.”

While this mom isn’t the first parent to decorate lunch bags, you can’t help but fall in love with her unique spin on the trend. Her jokes and illustrations are totally focused on her sons — what they like, what will make them laugh, what makes them feel loved. It’s a really unique way to connect with her kids, even while they’re at school, and there’s no doubt her clever quips make them the stars of their lunch tables.

Not everyone has the time or the talent to follow in Aguilar’s footsteps, but her lunchbags are an adorable reminder that it doesn’t take much to make kids feel special. We’ve each got our own little ways of connecting with them and making them laugh, and they love it, even when they’re rolling their eyes.

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