Mom Has Best Reaction To Kids Shaving Their Heads

This Mom’s Reaction To Her Kids Shaving Their Heads Is Peak Parenting

April 18, 2019 Updated April 21, 2020

Stephanie Plucknette via Instagram

A little boy gave his siblings some very special haircuts and their mom’s reaction is gold

Kids get into things — fast. I don’t care how much you think you’re watching over them, they are curious creatures and that curiosity can sometimes lead to adorable (and not so adorable) troublemaking. One mom found that out the hard way when she hopped in a quick shower to get ready for work and her kids found the dog grooming clippers. You can imagine how that went down — and her reaction to the whole thing is just lovely.

Over the weekend, Stephanie Plucknette, a full-time nurse and mother of three kids, five-year-old Teddy, three-year-old Eloise, and two-year-old Fred, told BuzzFeed she left the kids in the backyard for a couple of minutes so she could take a quick shower before work. That was apparently the perfect amount of time for her oldest to find an electric clipper and give the trio haircuts.

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She shared the aftermath with family and friends and her younger brother, Ian, decided to share the hilariousness on Twitter so the world could witness said haircuts real-time.