A Mom Should Moderate The Next Presidential Debate

A Mom Should Moderate The Next Debate, Period


Last night’s debate was an absolute mess and TBH, a mom would’ve had that sh*t under control immediately

If you watched last night’s first debate between President Trump and democratic nominee Joe Biden you’re probably still hungover, and not necessarily from drinking. The entire thing was frustrating to watch for its constant Trump interruptions, overall headache-inducing vibe, and word on the internet is that the moderator, Chris Wallace, is largely to blame. Sure, it’s difficult to shut up Trump — people have been trying to no success since 2015 — but you know who could’ve corralled that “clown” (sick burn, Biden) without breaking a sweat?

A mom.

Yup. I said it. And I’m not alone in that view. Plenty of other folks realized the truth early on — send in a mom to stop this absolute trash fire full of incoherent nonsense.


A mom. Or a teacher.