Mom Of Infant Suffering With Chickenpox Implores Parents To Vaccinate

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via Facebook/ Kayley Burke

Mom posts graphic photos of her infant with chickenpox

The vaccination debate continues to rage on, inexplicably, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, common sense, and a little something called science. But sometimes it takes something visceral to get the point across, and these photos of a baby with chickenpox are as visceral as it gets.

One of the biggest problems with the antivax movements is the dangerous ignorance it displays towards the impact not getting your kids vaccinated can have on much more than just your children or your family. It effects the population at large. We’ve seen it several times already recently, with measles rearing its ugly head again in several places, including Disney World. And we’re seeing it here with this baby.

Posted on Facebook, alongside a passionate rant from his mother, the photos show young Elijah, an 11-month-old who is too young to be vaccinated for chickenpox, covered in sores. They are extremely difficult to see.

“Vaccinate your kids people. The pictures below show you exactly why,” the upset Queensland, Australia mother posted on Facebook.

Infants under 18 months are too young to be vaccinated against certain diseases, such as chicken pox – immunisation against chickenpox is included in the combination measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMRV) vaccine for children at 18 months – and they require the protection of the community to stay healthy.

This is called herd immunity, and it’s the single biggest reason we all need to vaccinate our kids, no matter how healthy we swear they are. Because if we don’t, we’re putting other people at risk. And there’s nothing more selfish.

Elijah’s body can’t defend itself, it requires the village’s help. Unfortunately, increasing numbers of parents are refusing to vaccinate their children and, as a result, scores of children who can’t be vaccinated, whether due to age or some other reason, are suddenly at risk. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t live with myself if I were responsible for the illness or death of someone else’s child.

It’s a controversial subject, and many defend their decision not to vaccinate their children as a “personal choice.” Unfortunately, it’s far less personal than it seems, because it has the potential to impact people in your neighborhood, your community, and even the world at large. There is no reason largely eradicated diseases should be making their way back in the 21st century.

The next time you consider falling for the antivaxxer propaganda, educate yourself first, and look at these pictures of Elijah. If that doesn’t scare you straight, then nothing will.

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