Mom Expecting Quintuplets Takes World's Most Gorgeous Maternity Photos

by Ashley Austrew
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Image via Erin Elizabeth Photography

This mom expecting quintuplets took the world’s most stunning maternity photos.

For most of us, pregnancy is not a glamorous time. There’s swollen feet, stretch-marked skin, weird hairs, acne, and your face blows up like a giant balloon. Somehow, Australian mom Kimberley Tucci managed to put all of that aside and look like a complete goddess in her maternity photos, despite the fact that she is carrying five — yes, five — babies.

Tucci and her husband have two daughters and decided to try for one more when, as luck would have it, they ended up conceiving quintuplets. There’s a one in 60 million chance of conceiving quintuplets naturally, and they just happened to be that one. Tucci is currently 28 weeks along in her pregnancy and expecting four girls and a boy any day now.

At 25 weeks, she hired Perth-based photographer Erin Elizabeth to take some of the most stunning maternity photos I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this woman looks like fucking Beyoncé with the wind in her hair, and she’s got five babies in her womb. Look at these:

As you can imagine, carrying five babies is no easy feat. Tucci posted on her Facebook page last week that the pain of her pregnancy is really starting to get to her. “Sometimes my pelvis becomes so stiff I can barely walk and my hips feel like they are grinding away constantly,” she wrote. “My skin on my belly is so stretched its painful and hot to touch, it literally feels like I have hives!! No amount of cream helps relieve the discomfort.”

It’s difficult to imagine what she must be going through physically and emotionally, but not a single ounce of that hardship shows in these stunning photos. She looks beautiful and glowing, and so totally at peace, which is the exact opposite of the frazzled, spastic mess I’d be if I were in her shoes. I’m sure once she has the babies and the discomfort of her pregnancy passes, she’ll be so glad she has these photos to look back on and remember what it was like bringing so many lives into the world.

Pregnancy is not easy — especially for this mom — but these photos are a stunning reminder of just how beautiful the process really is and how completely amazing our bodies can be. That someone can carry five healthy babies — and into the third trimester, no less. That’s incredible. If you’re not feeling like the goddess-warrior that you are today, just look at these photos of this mom and know that you too are a nurturing, motherly Beyoncé with the wind in your hair.

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