This Mom’s Idea Of A Schedule-Free Summer Is Right On

by Julie Scagell
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We could all use a summer free of stress

If your summer is anything like ours, you’ve already found yourself run ragged going from one sport, activity or camp to another. Summer, the time of year we are all supposed to relax and breathe a bit, can sometimes feel more hectic than the school year. But one mother of two decided she’d had enough and is giving her kids — and herself — a break from the chaos.

“I had big plans to be a “good mom” this summer. There were going to be chore charts, reading goals, daily letter writing practice, and cursive classes. There would be no screen time until the beds were made, and planned activities for each day of the week,” Kristen Hewitt, journalist and writer, posted on her Facebook page.

Instead, Hewitt said they decided to stay in pajamas until almost noon, baked, started an art project they never finished, and then went swimming.

Image via Kristen Hewitt

“It’s so easy to be pressured by things we see on social,” Hewitt wrote. “Ways to challenge our kids and enrich their summer. But let’s be real – we’re all tired. Tired of chores, tired of schedules and places to be, tired of pressure, and tired of unrealistic expectations.”

Hewitt’s plan for herself and the girls this summer? Nothing at all.

“Instead of a schedule we’re doing nothing this summer. Literally NOTHING. No camps. No classes and no curriculums,” she said in her post.

Image via Kristen Hewitt

“Being a kid is a lost art. I just feel like our family needed a break from a schedule. We needed to sleep, learn to love the library and just breathe. And I realize not everyone can stay home, I’m very grateful that I can work from home. We have sacrificed monetarily so I can savor this summer,” Hewitt told Scary Mommy.

“Our kids are so stressed out these days! They have standardized tests, and so much homework, sports, dance, and CCD, I mean when do they have time to actually play and have fun? When do we have time to just sit with them, and read, and build a fort? We rush around filling up their days and everyone is exhausted. I just reached a point where I’ve said enough! It’s time to relax, get our hands dirty, and just let them be kids. Sure they’re bored – but that’s part of being a kid!”

Image via Kristen Hewitt

She’s right. This is what summer used to be like. Hell, this what being a kid used to be like. Sure, I played sports and had lessons but I don’t ever remember them taking up so much time as my kids do today. My memories from my childhood were playing kickball for hours in our cu-de-sac and riding bikes around our neighborhood. And when I would say, “I’m bored” to my mother, she would say, “too bad, go find something to do.” And we did.

Hewitt’s advice to other parents out there – “If you haven’t figured out what you’re doing this summer, you’re not alone. And guess what? It’s OK! Your kids will be fine and so will you.”

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