This Mom Gives 'No Sh*ts' About Public Breastfeeding

by Valerie Williams
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Photo of mom breastfeeding at a wedding reception goes viral

An image of a mom breastfeeding her baby at a wedding reception has gone viral, with good reason. The photo is absolutely adorable, and the mother looks happy and comfortable, not even remotely concerned with who might have a problem with her feeding her child in view of others at a formal event.

Exactly as it should be.

According to Buzzfeed, breastfeeding mom Naomi Jael Covert is from Vilseck, Germany. The 21-year-old mother of 10-month-old son TJ (who is ridiculously cute) says she nurses him wherever she happens to be including the grocery store, airports, airplanes and even at church for this wedding — without a single shit given.

Again, as it should be.

The photo shows Covert feeding her son, dress pulled aside, and a big, happy smile on her face. She says, “I made the silly face because it’s literally not a big deal to feed your baby. It’s just a breast; that’s what God gave me to use when baby is hungry.”

Covert, an Army wife to a U.S. serviceman currently on a 9-month deployment, seems genuinely surprised that her photo found viral fame after Empowered Birth Project shared it on Instagram. She’s posted nursing photos before and clearly sees it as no big deal (because it isn’t) but normalizing breastfeeding, especially in public, is still something that needs to happen. Because even though Covert’s image has received plenty of positive feedback, she says there are also comments telling her she should’ve covered up. Or pumped a bottle.


Eye roll.

The young mom explains that she knows it can be a little scary to nurse in public or at an event like a wedding. In sharing the photo, she hoped to help mothers who might have that apprehension to feel more comfortable. “I wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed, no matter the circumstances.”

She also finds it “ironic” that girls on Instagram wear revealing clothing but some call feeding a baby at a wedding “horrible.” Which is a totally valid point. People don’t mind breasts when it’s in a sexual context. It’s when a mom is feeding her baby that the pearls get clutched. And a mom looking like she’s very much enjoying herself while nursing? ALERT THE MEDIA.

[shareable_quote]“I wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed, no matter the circumstances.”[/shareable_quote]

The fact is, breastfeeding can feel so limiting and isolating for a mom who doesn’t feel she can nurse her child wherever she needs to. Covert’s son is 10 months old. That’s a long time to spend securing secondary locations to breastfeed every time the need arises, leaving behind whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re spending time with to go feed your child. That’s why a mom should be able to live her life as normal and nurse her baby whenever (and wherever) needed, without having to run for cover.

It’s also noteworthy that although we can’t see her nipple and she’s more than covered, Covert clearly didn’t go out of her way to wear a dress specifically suited for easy nursing access. She wore a dress she probably loves and simply tugged it down to feed her son without concern that she might show more breast than some people are comfortable with. Because, honestly — screw other people. As long as mom and baby are happy, everyone who has a problem with it is free to look away. Or leave the room.

As Covert says, “It’s just normal – you have conversations with people while feeding the child. It is nothing sexual. It’s just another person eating.”

We totally agree.

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