Mom Pulls Gun On Another Mom In School Drop-Off Line

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via KHOU News

A Texas school is on alert after one mom brandished a gun during drop off

Navigating the school drop-off line can be hectic and stressful even on a good day. It’s safe to say that the two moms involved in an incident in Deer Park, Texas on Thursday morning did not have a good day when one of them decided to pull a gun.

According to a story on KHOU News, the incident occurred after two moms got in into a disagreement during the morning drop-off.

One mother may have been upset at the way the other was driving, and things somehow escalated to the point where a firearm was produced. The weapon was taken out in full view of several other parents and plenty of children, including those of the women involved in the altercation, who were waiting in their respective vehicles while one of their mothers threatened the other with a gun.

The gun wasn’t fired and no one was injured, but the school remained on alert Friday morning, fearing a repeat engagement when the mothers returned the following day.

ABC News has the letter the school sent to parents expressing their concern.

“The confrontation escalated, ending with one parent pointing a firearm at the other. Other parents witnessed the disagreement, and the police were contacted and quickly arrived on the scene…But what should have been a reasonably safe drop-off process quickly became a police investigation.”

They really do do everything bigger in Texas.

I won’t lie. When I first heard about this story, I rolled my eyes. Texas, amirite?!

But it’s not a fun punchline. It’s sad. And scary. And if my kids went to this school, I would be straight-up furious. I want to understand how it got to that point, and why it’s so easy for a silly disagreement to balloon into a weaponized confrontation.

I want to ask reasonable questions, like “who brings a gun to school drop-off?” but I’m too scared of finding out how many people would raise their hands.

It seems unnecessary to have a gun on hand at all times, especially in your car, especially in your car when you’re driving your children to school. But there’s every possibility that the mom who was packing in the drop-off line owns the gun legally (especially since it seems to be almost impossible to be disqualified from legally purchasing a gun these days), and despite the fact that the lack of a gun would have kept this story in the realm of the ridiculous instead of the frightening, maybe we don’t need to blame this one on guns.

Yes, people in this country love their guns, especially people in Texas. But this isn’t necessarily a gun control story, or a Texas story. Maybe this is just a road rage story. Or a stupid person story.

In reality, it’s all of the above, and we’re just lucky it’s not a school shooting story. Or a dead person story.


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