If Your Tree's Still Up, Let This Mom's Genius Hack Save Your Life

by Julie Scagell
Image via Renae Krivitz

So much for putting up ornaments next year

If you have an artificial tree and haven’t had the desire or energy to take it down yet, you’re gonna want to check this out. A mom-of-two from Minnesota decided she’d had it with the yearly tree set up/take down shenanigans, so she did what any busy mom would do — she solved the problem herself.

Renae Krivitz lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota and was mulling over the de-Christmasing process with a friend. She tells Scary Mommy she was talking about how much work it is to fluff up each branch, set up, defluff, take down, etc. every single year and wished she could just put it away as is.

Narrator: “And so, she did.”

“My new time saving Christmas tree invention,” Krivitz posted on Facebook. “No more decorating/un-decorating. Wrap it and store it!” This woman is a damn genius (and a working mom of two), so she obviously knows how to problem solve with the best of them.

Krivitz said she remembered a giant roll of plastic their builders left behind (the kind you use for covering carpets) and voila, the world’s most inventive time saver for the holidays was born. “I’ve had it for years and figured out how to use it today,” she commented on her post.

Image via Renae Krivitz

Sure, it’s fun putting up the tree with the kids when they’re little (and by fun I mean a shitload of swearing under your breath), but as they get older, no one wants to help and you end up doing all the work yourself. No one, and I mean no one, wants to help take it all down when the holidays are over. It’s bad enough taking down all of the decorations throughout the house, but taking off each individual ornament is a total pain in the ass.

Well, not anymore, it’s not.

Image via Renae Krivitz

Krivitz said she got it all wrapped up and her husband and son carried it into their store room for next year. And hey, if she ever gets sad and longs for nights spent around the Christmas tree, all she has to do is go downstairs with a nice glass of red, pull up a holiday playlist on her phone, and boom, it’s Christmas Day, every day.

This idea may have just put me firmly in the artificial tree camp, forever.