Mom Sends Detailed Email About What Gifts She Won't Accept For Her Son's First Birthday

by Maria Guido
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Gifts of any kind are gestures, we’re all clear about that right? They’re never mandatory — especially in regards to a birthday. Yes, it’s an unspoken rule that you would bring a gift to a child’s party unless told otherwise, but the key word here is “unspoken.”

One mom seems to have forgotten this. She sent a pre-invite memo to the future guests of her child’s first birthday this week. That’s right, a pre-invite memo. Because everyone really needs to be adequately prepared for a one-year-old’s birthday celebration. It’s been shared thousands of times on Facebook, because this kind of blatant lack of tact is fun to observe.

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“By the way, a formal invite will be arriving in your mailboxes soon.” It’s a save the date email! For a one-year-old’s birthday. Now we’ve seen everything.

“Please let us know if you have any questions about items not on this list that you are considering purchasing and we can let you know if we already have it or if it is in storage waiting for him.” Wow. If there is a problem with too many gifts, a simple “no gifts please” written nicely on the invitation would’ve done the job. Dare I point out that this one-year-old has absolutely no idea that it’s his birthday? This grand, controlled gesture is purely for the parents — which makes it even harder to believe.

These parents are over-the-top, but we’ve definitely collectively come to a point where there’s just too much stuff; too many toys and too many expectations. Gift-registries for children’s birthday parties have become a thing, because God forbid a child get a duplicate gift or one that he’s not crazy about. Of course many people support this idea because it ensures that the child get something they really want. But on a certain level, doesn’t this just breed entitlement and expectation? I was given a knit shampoo bottle cover every year by one of my aunts and I was taught to be gracious. There are lessons everywhere when you are a child.

As for this mom, if she keeps up this behavior she probably won’t need to worry about too many gifts of the wrong variety. I get the feeling that her RSVP list is going to be short.

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