Mom Tweets Gross Episode With Baby, Parents Of The Internet Say ‘Same’

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter

She showed the internet her barf-covered face and got plenty of support in return

There’s a golden truth every parent learns shortly after their first child is born; kids are positively disgusting. Between the puke, poop, pee and snot, it’s a veritable landscape of grossness. They don’t mean to be, but when you have a tiny person with zero ability to contain or deal with their own bodily functions, stuff’s going to get gross. Fast.

One mom’s viral tweet of a baby barf situation was so real it gathered replies from tons of other parents who were all “been there,” creating the most relatable Twitter thread of all time.

According to BuzzFeed, Texas mom Desirae Robles and her partner Larry Estrada are parents to baby daughter Addelina. Robles took to Twitter recently to share a little incident that pretty much every parent has experienced.

Yep. Her baby barfed all over her face. It’s happened to the best of us — one minute you’re bouncing them around, the next, you’re covered in vomit. Babies are fun, but they’re also super nasty.

Before showing the entire internet, Robles showed Estrada exactly what their little one had done to her.

Image via Desirae Robles

Who among us hasn’t sent a text like this to our partner after a blow-out diaper or puke disaster? This. Is. Parenting. As such, plenty of Twitter users had their own repulsive memories to share, and if you can’t understand how a parent remained calm and collected enough to document a barf-to-face (or poop-to-arm) incident, then you probably don’t have kids.


So freaking icky.

Honestly, we all do.

And it wasn’t just vomit and snot that parents were covered in.

Only a parent could hold out a literal armful of shit and have the composure to snap a photo. Hell, she probably took several to make sure the angle was optimal.

Because nothing matters anymore, you guys.

Everything is the worst.

But we suffer through it all, because holy shit, pee and puke — they’re just too cute to stay mad at for long.