New Mom Slams Anti-Vax Friend For Trying To Put Her Baby In Danger

by Valerie Williams
Image via vgajic/Getty Images/Reddit

New mom lets ex-friend know exactly what she thinks of her anti-vax views in scathing Facebook post

The worldwide rate of measles infection is set to double in only a year’s time. Over 110,000 people, mostly children, died from the disease in 2017. There are now measles outbreaks occurring all over the United States, and yet, anti-vaxxers persist with their incredibly dangerous platform of incorrect beliefs. That’s why it’s heartening to see a mom fully putting her anti-vax former friend in her place.

A Redditor shared a Facebook post where an unnamed mom beautifully dressed down anti-vaxxer Emma for trying to put her new baby in danger by thoughtlessly exposing the infant to her unvaccinated children. Emma wrote, “Welp. It’s time to move to another planet. This vaccine censorship and talk of mandatory vaccines is getting uncomfortably intense.”

And this smart mom decided she’d had enough.

“Emma, we’ve been friends for 15 years. Or at least I thought we were, until I realized that the last time you were in Portland you attempted to bring your unvaccinated child to meet with me and my infant daughter who was too young to be vaccinated without informing me that you were exposing my child to diseases that any responsible parent would have vaccinated their of-age child against,” she writes. “At best, it was thoughtless and irresponsible. More to the point, it was selfish, reckless, and put the life of my only child in danger.”

Oh damn. Emma’s going to need a trip to the ER for that intense burn. But this anonymous hero wasn’t done yet.

“It’s one thing to spread your unfounded conspiracy theories, but the type of misinformation you share under the guise of journalism is reprehensible and dangerous. Since you are unable to determine the difference in credibility between a health blog and peer-reviewed fact-based science, it would indeed be best for everyone if you found another planet and moved there.”

So. So. GOOD.

Of course, Redditors were thrilled with the immaculate takedown.

As satisfying as that brilliant takedown was to read, this is an incredibly dire situation. It’s been pretty terrifying to see the anti-vax movement taking hold these last few years. Due to a mixture of misinformation, fear, and anti-vax propaganda, a number of parents have decided to eschew vaccines, thoughtlessly endangering the lives and health of others in the process. Hopefully, the tide will turn in the next few years as the anti-vaxxers see long-gone diseases making terrifying comebacks. Maybe that whole foods diet and essential oil routine aren’t enough to stop polio after all, Emma.

It’s sad that it’s gotten to this point — where groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) are having to list “vaccine hesitancy” as a top 10 global health threat for 2019. Measles is only the beginning as decades of efforts at achieving herd immunity are slowly eroded by ignorant and uninformed individuals who are risking not only their own children’s lives, but those of everyone they come into contact with.

That’s why we need more parents like this unknown mom to at least try to speak sense to those who refuse to hear it — putting countless lives at risk in the process.