This Mom Hilariously Getting Trapped In Her Spanx Is All Of Us

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Facebook/KneeDeepInLife

This might be the most relatable, hilarious mom video you’ll ever see — because SPANX

Who among us hasn’t huffed, puffed, sweated, squeezed, and prayed our way into a pair of shapewear? Spanx and moms practically go hand-in-hand (please note, this is because the universe hates women). Which is why this hilarious viral video is the perfect cup of tea for every woman out there — because while we’ve all been where she’s at while trying on shapewear, she does it best.

In the video, Laura, the mom blogger behind Knee Deep In Life, explains she’s ordered some tummy-sucking shapewear that leaves her convinced she’s going to have the “stomach of Jennifer Lopez.” Shoot for the stars, right?

Well, not exactly. It goes about as smoothly as you’d imagine — if you’ve ever worn a pair of too-small Spanx, you don’t have to imagine at all. You know. So just enjoy.

She ordered them smaller than her normal size, because she’d heard “the smaller the better.” Which, in theory, one would think that makes sense. But unless you slather yourself in a layer of bacon grease and butter beforehand, too-tight girdles are a literal nightmare of epic proportions.

“It’s the size of my thigh,” she declares as she proves that very thing by sliding the Spanx up her leg.

Image via Facebook/KneeDeepInLife

After yanking up the Spanx with award-worthy effort, she gasps, “I’m out of breath” and then exclaims, “Shit, I’ve ripped it!” If you’ve never torn a pair of shapewear, well, pin a rose on your nose. It’s about the most humbling thing that can occur in a woman’s life, undergarment-wise.

Image via Facebook/KneeDeepInLife

The best part, for me (and millions of others), is when she finally shifts the satanic Spanx up around her waist and it rolls like a fruit roll-up into a tight band around her waist. She jokes that it makes her belly button look like a “small vagina” and folks…I’m crying laughing.

Image via Facebook/KneeDeepInLife

She is literally moaning in pain and says she’s pretty sure she “damaged internal organs,” then surrenders to the Spanx and admits defeat. This entire video is amazing because a.) we can all relate, and b.) she’s freaking hilarious and British people yelling about things is always 50 times funnier than anyone else.

Also great? When she calls for her kids and literally none of them care. That might be even more relatable than the entire Spanx struggle.

The entire internet seems to agree.

Laura tells Scary Mommy that all’s well now, even though her kids have proven they’re not exactly helpful in times of crisis. “You’ll be pleased to know my children’s eye sight was not permanently damaged, mainly because the little sods didn’t even come to my aid. I did eventually escape, lost my pants in the process and my belly button no longer looks like a vagina.”


The caption on her post serves as a warning to shapewear-buying women everywhere: “When you believe you’ve just stumbled across the future, but actually all you’ve done is given yourself hemroids from straining so hard to get the fucker off. I shit you not, sweat pouring. My poor vagina bellybutton. Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. ITS A LIE. FUCK YOU EBAY.”

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