When A Mom Takes A Moment For Herself

by Jennifer Lovy
me time
RapidEye / iStock

If you give a mom a moment…

She’ll be so excited about having some “me” time. She’ll have to decide between taking a warm chamomile bubble bath, curling up with a new book, or maybe even getting a manicure and a massage.

She may even decide to go to the mall and buy something nice for herself. But then she’ll remember the dirty laundry, the empty refrigerator, and the messy car. So she’ll make an executive decision to do just one load of laundry, make a small shopping list, quickly clean the car, and at least have time for a relaxing bath.

While she’s cleaning the car, she’ll find seven overdue library books buried under the seat. After she throws away the loose Lego pieces, broken Barbie doll, sticky candy wrappers, and an old spelling test, she’ll head straight to the library to return the books.

Once she’s at the library, she’ll remember her son needs a book about rocket ships. While she’s looking for a rocket book, she will see a story about Valentine’s Day. Seeing this will remind her that she volunteered to send cupcakes for the class Valentine’s Day party. So she’ll leave the library with a few books about rocket ships and run to the grocery store to buy three dozen frosted cupcakes.

While she’s at the grocery store, she’ll try to remember just a few of the items on her list, which of course is at home. Four grocery bags and $175 later, she’ll finally head home for her “me” time.

On the way home, she’ll pass the bowling alley and remember that her daughter is invited to a birthday party there in a few hours and she forgot to buy a present. So she’ll stop at the toy store and pick out a present. While she’s waiting in line to pay for the present, she’ll see a toy doctor’s kit. Seeing the doctor’s kit will remind her that she missed her son’s appointment with the allergist.

So she’ll pull out a pen and paper from her purse and write a note to call the doctor’s office on Monday to reschedule. While she’s looking through her purse, she’ll accidentally knock over a large, fully furnished doll house (which has no business being in the checkout aisle). Knocking over the doll house will remind her that she should be at her house for her “me” time.

So she’ll pay for the present and head straight home. When she gets there, the kids will, of course, be home (making messes, fighting with each other, and asking, “What’s for dinner?”).

Seeing them will remind her how much she needed some “me” time.

And chances are…

For her to get her “me” time… Oh let’s face it, that’s never going to happen.