The Mom Who Took Her Baby To 'Bad Moms' Is Getting Death Threats

by Maria Guido
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Mom gets endless harassment for taking her baby to the movies — and even death threats

Earlier this week, a story surfaced about some mothers who were kicked out of an evening showing of the movie Bad Moms, because they were breastfeeding and brought their babies with them. Now, one of the mothers who was ejected from the theater is getting endless harassment online — and even death threats.

Juliana Valverde tells Scary Mommy that she is beside herself with all that has gone down this week. “I never really thought that we would spark such a conversation,” she says. “When we posted on Facebook it was to make our friends aware of what happened. We never imagined it would go viral or that the media would contact us.”

A group of about 50 women from a Facebook moms group decided to get out for some fun and attend the showing together. They bought their tickets in advance. When they showed up to the theater they were informed that children under six were not allowed into R-rated showings. The babies weren’t crying. There was no disruption. The theater just decided that an R-rated movie was not an appropriate place for a sleeping infant, and denied the mothers entry.

The moms agreed to attend Ice Age, but snuck in to Bad Moms anyway, probably because that rule is totally stupid. A sleeping infant can’t be admitted to an R-rated movie, but a six-year-old who can totally absorb what’s going on can? That makes sense. The disruption happened when the staff decided to enter the theater to get Brooklyn Cahill for having her baby with her. Valverde stood up for her friend, followed her out to the lobby, and asked to speak to a manager. Several other friends followed. With all the commotion, Valverde’s baby got fussy, so she sat down and began to feed her baby. That’s when Valverde says the manager told her to “cover up or leave.”

“Our babies were angels, my baby slept until 10, the movie would have been well over,” said Brooklyn Cahill, the other mom there with her baby. “She was covered in a wrap and safe and comfy.” Valverde adds, “I can’t believe people think we would allow our babies to disrupt, we are very considerate mothers and neither Cahill nor myself would have let the babies ruin anyone’s night. We didn’t even want to go to begin with because we didn’t want to be an inconvenience, but our fellow moms encouraged us to join.”

The internet did not care that the arbitrary rule makes no sense, or that a couple of breastfeeding mothers out with a moms group for an evening showing of a freaking mom movie were harassed to tears and kicked out of the theater. Nope. According to the internet, there’s nothing wrong with that because “rules are rules” and “moms are a bunch of entitled bitches.”

“They are saying things like ‘you should have your children taken away, you don’t deserve to live, I hope you die, watch your back,'” Valverde says. “All this stuff about me being a ‘bad mom’ from strangers that don’t even know a thing about me is crazy.”

There were also a ton of people who were screaming about the “breastfeeding card” and how this story had “nothing to do with breastfeeding.” It had everything to do with breastfeeding. The only reason the babies were there with the moms is because they are breastfeeding and don’t take a bottle.

“My mind was consumed with the horrible things that were being said about me,” Juliana tells Scary Mommy. “I could barely sleep, eat, or function for that matter. I was appalled. People were creeping on my page, sending requests, messaging me, commenting on our posts, etc. Even in public people are being rude and harassing me.”

This is all happening because moms decided to attend a movie about how hard it is to be a mom and how much judgment we deal with.

That’s ironic.

So apparently it’s rude to take a sleeping baby to the movies, but absolutely acceptable to skewer a breastfeeding mom for disobeying a rule at a freaking movie theater. Here are a few of the many comments that surfaced on the original story:

Seriously? I’m a hard core (former) breastfeeding mom; and the theater was absolutely correct in denying them entry… If you can’t pump enough to leave baby for 2-3 hours, than go to an earlier showing. One in which your crotch fruit is welcome to be at.

Well, her “crotchfruit wouldn’t be welcome at that one either, but why worry about details or reading comprehension?

Follow rules and you won’t get kicked out. Who brings kids to an R movie…oh wait its in the title of the movie…Bad Moms.

Again, how much is an infant absorbing here? Can we all just use some common sense?

I am a breastfeeding mom and there is nothing “natural” about bringing an INFANT to a MOVIE THEATER!

Oh, relax.

I think this little princess is so full of herself to pose on Facebook pics trying to get validation for her own selfishness. Theatres are too loud and too filled with germs for infants! Keep your ass home, be a mom, snuggle, rock, and read to your baby. You have years ahead of you to watch it on Netflix, dumbass.


It would be nice if we could just — I don’t know — support each other? Two moms went out to a mom movie, and moms of the internet are not only taking up their pitchforks, but leading the charge.

“”We brought our baby to a movie and now we are being vilified,” says Cahill. “I am completely in shock at all of the negative comments on this — especially from all the women, the ones who know what postpartum depression is like, the ones who know how hard it is to get out of the house with a little one and that know how much it is needed so you can stay sane.”

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