Mom's Accidental Home Birth Tweets Are Better Than Any Birth Book Out There

by Maria Guido

A dad was in the spotlight last weekend for tweeting his wife’s accidental home birth. It was a funny glimpse into the way a man’s mind works while he’s dealing with his wife in labor — or in this case attempting to help her deliver at home because labor came on way faster than they expected.

Marcos Rogers and his wife Aniyia Williams did not expect to deliver their child without a medical staff present — in their own home — but that’s exactly what happened last week when Aniyia’s water broke and the couple went from trying to figure out when they should leave for the hospital to trying to figure out how to deliver their own child with no help. After the baby was safely delivered and wife Aniyia was resting, Marcos took to Twitter to describe his intense experience delivering his own child. When Aniyia woke up she did the same, and her series of tweets is a glimpse into what actual labor is like for some women.

Behold, one woman’s crazy accidental home birth story:

How many of you can relate to this? I know I was told if I wanted to attempt to go drug-free, I should get to the hospital while in active labor. Great. Not always easy to tell when that is when you’ve never given birth before!

Figuring out when to head to the hospital is the most confusing thing, ever. Not everyone feels the same severity of contractions. And how are you supposed to know when it’s “time” — especially when an L&D is telling you your contractions aren’t far enough apart yet?

Yup. All of those, “I’m going to wear a cute outfit to the hospital” plans go right out the window.

Most on-point description, ever.

Oh. My. God.

Are you also holding your breath? I know! This is insane!

Yeah. About that…

This couple is incredible. And these two stories are better than any birth book ever, in terms of really relaying the absolute WTFness of the birth experience. Yes, most of us are lucky enough to make it to the hospital, but whether you accidentally deliver your baby at home or deliver in a hospital with a full staff of doctors and nurses around you, there is always that moment of OH MY GOD THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. And this story really captures it.

By the way…

Congratulations Marcos and Aniyia. Well done.