Mom Keeps It Real By Reminding Us Perfection Is Bullsh*t

by Valerie Williams
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Mom shatters the myth of perfection and reminds us no one has it all together

We have a new mom friend, ladies. She’s not only hilarious, she’s devastatingly real. We dare you to watch her videos and listen to her wise words and not want to hang out with her immediately. She is our people, no question.

Amy shares her daily life as a woman and mom on her Facebook page, The Drunk Mom. She has a total of five kids in her blended family and obviously knows a thing or two about being a mom and saying “fuck you” to being perfect at it. She posted a video this week titled “That Time I Shit My Pants,” but it touches on a lot more than one embarrassing moment.

Yes, her pant-shitting anecdote was relatable and funny, but it’s Amy’s comments about motherhood in general that really hit home. Throughout the video, she reiterates how none of us are perfect, despite what we might see on Instagram and Facebook. She reminds us that the size two model we see on the internet is a totally edited version of an actual woman, and that we shouldn’t get caught up in the idea that we need to compare ourselves to that.

We had a chance to talk with Amy and when asked why women still hold themselves up to ridiculous standards despite knowing better, she tells Scary Mommy, “Because it’s crammed in our faces daily. Social media, TV, advertising….Every damn thing we see has been edited and chosen as “the perfect image”.”

Um, amen. For sure. We scroll social media all the time, right? And we see those moms somehow looking amazing in a field of flowers feeding their kids gluten-free muffins whilst clad in a perfectly matching outfit. Totally blissed out and not at all letting on that they’re losing their shit. Because let’s be real — we all are.

Of the unrealistic expectations so many moms have of themselves Amy says, “It’s no wonder so many of us are on anti-depressants and feel like we aren’t good enough. We’re set up to fail.” And that is the literal living and breathing truth of my life as a mother. The standards so many of us hold ourselves up to are unrealistic. And frankly, damaging.

So, it’s social media and its fake perfection that make us feel awful — which makes it kind of ironic that Amy’s videos, posted on Facebook, rail against the very thing that plagues us. We asked her what she thought of that, and she says, “My job is to make people laugh at the very things that they typically want to cry about. I’d rather laugh than cry!” She explains, “I reach them where they are, which is usually on the toilet on their phones, hiding from their kids for three minutes, checking Facebook.”

Boy, does she have us pegged, or what?

Happily, Amy is opening “The Drunk Mom Comedy Club” soon, which will be a forum dedicated to members (including herself) sharing their lives as moms. She plans to hold live Q&As and have Drunk Mom Happy Hour’s, which honestly, we could all use.

What Amy is doing is taking us out of our bubble of thinking every mom but us is doing it “right.” She’s giving us permission to be real and admit our flaws, while still feeling great about ourselves. We’re all trying our best and as she says, “nobody has everything perfectly made.”

Wiser words were never spoken.

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