Mom Hilariously Nails How Different Every First Day Of School Is After Kindergarten

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

The first day of kindergarten is hard on a parent. The other first days? Not so much

If you’ve sent a child off to their first day of kindergarten, you probably had some heavy emotions. They’re still a baby, right? It hurts seeing them turn into a “big” kid and it can be hard to let go. But after cutting that cord, every other first day of school afterward is a breeze in comparison.

One mom captured the difference in a hilarious viral video that you’ll totally see yourself in. Trust us.

Susannah Lewis, creator of the blog Whoa Susannah, posted a video on Facebook last week depicting herself melting down on her child’s first day of kindergarten. Because, don’t we all? The second half of the video paints a much different picture, with the mom expressing her emotions about every other first day after that.

Lewis tells Today she made the video for her friends who have kids going to school for the first time. “This was SO me last year when my baby boy was going to kindergarten, and all of my friends with kids going to kindergarten now are losing their minds, bless their hearts!”

The video opens with Susannah wailing, “He’s not ready! I’m going back to get him.” She then lists off things she’s not sure he’ll know how to do because, “he’s only 5!” The mom worries that his teacher “doesn’t know he needs 14 kisses every 45 seconds!”

All valid concerns, for sure.

She wonders aloud what she’ll do all day without him there and speculates that she’ll just listen to the clock tick and “count down the seconds” until she’s reunited with her son. She reminds herself that there’s probably still a little bit of umbilical cord left and that they’re still attached a little. Gross, but hey, it’s a big day that calls for melodrama.

Cut to every other first day after that.

Susannah is now fully dressed with her hair done, where before, she was a bit less…put together. Clearly, she’s learned a thing or two since the kindergarten days. Her car stereo blasts George Michael’s “Freedom” as she roars away from school. She then answers her cell phone and agrees to get a manicure, a pedicure, and what the hell — why not head to Vegas?

This video is obviously an exaggeration, but there’s a load of truth here. All parents have anxiety and worry sending their little ones to “real” school for the first time. Kindergarten is a big deal and seeing your baby grow up can be a hard pill for any parent to swallow.

It’s true. You might spend the first days of your child’s kindergarten year sobbing on the couch for several minutes each morning. Fast-forward a few years, and your tune will very likely change. The kids will board the bus on that magical first day back and you’ll practically dance up the driveway back to your silent house. You love them, but there’s no more panic that they’re lost and lonely at school. Summer ends, school starts, and all will be right with the universe.

So, take heart, first-time kindergarten parents. It will get easier, we promise.

Like, a whole lot easier.